Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays?

I am going to seek funding for my ‘Oregon Shakespeare Society’ that will produce the plays of Shakespeare, and plays that have Fair Rosmond as the subject. Rosmon is the subject of Pre-Raphaelite Artists – and many poets. There will be a Brother and Sisterhood.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press



I had originally made Clifford die of a broken Heart, under the S••ction of the Death of King Lear, as originally drawn by that great Master of human Nature. Shakespeare; but the general Opi|nion of the Public, and the Persuasions of my Friends, induced me to vary my Design in the Representation.
The Queens Men | Rosamond Press

A Spanish Play on the Fair Rosamond Legend on JSTOR

Henry the Second: or, the fall of Rosamond: a tragedy; as it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. Written by Thomas Hull. (umich.edu)

Ah, Ladies! no such Queen at Otaheite;
Love there has Roses—without Thorns to fright ye;
Frolick our Days, and to compleat our Joy,
A Coterie’s form’d—’tis call’d the Arreoy,
Where Love is free and general as the Air,
And ev’ry Beau gallants with ev’ry Fair;
No Ceremonies bind, no Rule controuls
But Love, the only Tyrant of our Souls!

Fair Rosamond : a lamentable ditty · Isaiah Thomas Broadside Ballads Project (americanantiquarian.org)

Henry the Second: or, the fall of Rosamond: a tragedy; as it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. Written by Thomas Hull. (umich.edu)

Rosamond Press

The name Rosamond will forever be associated with the search for the person who authored Shakespeare’s work. After taking a DNA test for Ancestry.com, it is proven one of my great grandmothers is Abigail Shakespeare Webb. One of my grandfathers is Lewis Clifford who is related to Joan Rosamond Clifford, who Samuel Daniel wrote a poem about and dedicated to Mary Sydney Countess of Pembroke who is kin to the Dudley family, who I suspect were instructed by Queen Elizabeth to create a English Literary Society to counter Charle’s Quint to make the world speak Spanish. Elizabeth was the first Protestant Queen. Charles was the King of the Roman Catholics.

This is entirely my theory. I suspect this was the idea of John Dee. Wilton House became the home of Bards and Muses who were Agents of the English Language for Her Royal Majesty. It is here that many of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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