Black Pynchon Meets Demi Moore

Becoming aware of Nataki Bennett, and what she has done to the OSF, will alter the comedic story I began ‘Black Pynchon’. It will be a Dark Drama. Shakespeare is now a black man in altered Woke History. Pynchon is in hiding, and has not been transformed. When he awakens as a Black Man, his family begins to notice he is not the same. He buys KEEP OFF THE LAWN and NO TRESPASSING signs. He is appalled when his daughter goes over his dream of having a parade in Compton, then buried in his Bar-B-Que. He becomes paranoid and disagreeable. His sister-in-law says he has come down with ‘The White Man’s Sickness’ of which there is no cure,

Rosamond Press

I and other white men are being told on Tik Tok, the beef between Will Smith and three black folks, is none of our business, and, we should keep our opinions to ourselves. No friggen way! I’m having a field day, because I love Black Psychology, and, I’m getting tons of ideas for new shows, and my series ‘Black Pynchon’. which is aimed at a white audience – who are not as hip and into Toxic Masculinity as black men. I suspect Chris knows Will is having an affair with Demi Moore, and, Jada is very jealous. This might be revenge for her having an affair with – August? You can say this series is ‘Black-Lite. Consider my Black Fountainhead post.

Episode Two

Uncle Tom is hired to be a Dick at a movie location in Watts. Demi Moore is shooting G.I. Jane 2 at the old armory –…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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