Give Black Americans Alaska – and Old Navy

I am John the Nazarite. I came to prepare the way for a Comet king – The Comet Kings!

Rosamond Press

When I AWOKE, God bid me to give Alaska to Black Americans – and the 39 Navy ships – including the Enterprise. Forty is a blessed Jewish number. I had no choice to take on this impossible task after reading articles about changing the name OF PLACES that offend black people – and Native Americans? I’ve been down this road before. Thanks to Black Folks, Donald Trump is not the President of the United States….and in gratitude We the People should rename Coon Lake?!!! That’s it? Wow! What a deal!

In theory, all those top secret document Crazy Donald stole – belong to Black Voters, who I already suggested should have their own navy. Now is the time! Our Navy is about to scrap forty ships! The New Cold War Map is being REDRAWN. I and God – want a hand in this project!


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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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