The Swamp Fox Show

If I had become Governor of Oregon I was going to reach out to Democratic Voters of South Carolina and create a Cultural Exchange. Disney should have another go with a new Swamp Fox show.American History is not going away.

John Presco

In this video, Walt gives a history lesson.

The Swamp Fox (TV series)

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The Swamp Fox
Production companyWalt Disney Studios
Original releaseOctober 23, 1959 –
January 16, 1961

The Swamp Fox is a television miniseries produced by Walt Disney and starring Leslie Nielsen as American Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion.[1][2]

The theme song (“Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, tail on his hat…”[3]) was sung by Nielsen as well.[4] Myron Healey played Marion’s top aide, Maj./Col. Peter Horry. One of the Swamp Fox’s adversaries was Colonel Banastre Tarleton, played by John SuttonPatrick Macnee played a British captain, Tim Considine played Marion’s nephew Gabe Marion and Slim Pickens played Plunkett, one of the Swamp Fox’s men. Hal Stalmaster appeared in three of the eight episodes as “Gwynn.” The Swamp Fox did not bring to Disney the commercial success that had been achieved by Davy Crockett.

The series encompassed eight intermittent episodes running from 1959 to 1961 as part of Walt Disney Presents.[5] Episodes were presented on Sundays on ABC from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and were also broadcast by CBC Television.

The Disney Channel reran Swamp Fox episodes in the 1980s and 1990s,[6] while Nielsen was at the height of a second career as a white-haired comedy movie star. The first three episodes of the series were also released in 2005 on DVD (in a set including three episodes of The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca).



Episode #TitleOriginal Airdate
1“The Birth of the Swamp Fox”October 23, 1959[1]
2“Brother Against Brother”October 30, 1959
3“Tory Vengeance”January 1, 1960
4“Day of Reckoning”January 8, 1960
5“Redcoat Strategy”January 15, 1960
6“A Case of Treason”January 22, 1960
7“A Woman’s Courage”January 8, 1961
8“Horses for Greene”January 15, 1961

Panoramic image of Rainbow Row

Famous American Privateers.

American Merchant Marine and Privateers in War of 1812

The War of 1812 was fought over the Merchant Marine. The British were seizing American ships on the high seas, and forcing seamen to join the British navy or merchant navy. In addition, Britain seized vessels bound for Europe that did not first call at a British port. France retaliated, confiscating vessels if they had first stopped in Britain. Together they seized nearly 1,500 American vessels between 1803 and 1812.

The War was fought by merchant ships, because the U.S. had almost no Navy. The battle cry was; “Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights!” During the War of 1812, the U.S. Navy and Privateers together captured 30,000 prisoners, while the American army captured 6,000 British prisoners. Privateers captured British prizes worth almost $40,000,000.

A year ago I discovered there was a ship named Rosamond that was a Privateer. I wonder if she was owned by Captain Samuel Rosamond of Charleston. She was sunk with all hands lost. She was carrying $100,000 in plunder. Captain Samuel Rosamond was a true Patriot who fought alongside the Swamp Fox who was depicted in the movie ‘The Patriot’ starring Mel Gibson.

Samuel owned two lots on Bay Street in Charleston that was spelled Charles Town. Two days ago I saw ‘Black Sails’ for the first time. When I saw Flint’s ship sailing into Charles Town that was located on New Providence, my jaw dropped. I was looking at the replication of real history as lived by my Rosamond kindred. When I saw the moody look of Bonny Ann, I whispered…….”Rena”.

When she came at me out of the darkened doorway at the Venice Pier at 2:3o A.M. I restrained my gasp! Rena became my muse, and later Christine’s after she saw the large painting I did of her. Rosamond lived in Pacific Grove where Robert Lewis Stevens took haunting walks. Point Lobos was his model for ‘Treasure Island’ that Black Sails is based upon. My kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, starred in ‘The Sandpiper’ a movie about a artist who lives by the sea near Rocky Point at Pfeiffer Beach. Did Liz ever star in a Pirate movie – with Richard Burton?

Below is the reply I got from my Congressman. I sent his a e-mail almost two weeks ago. I included some of the history of Samuel and James Rosamond. The latter is the great, great, great grandfather if Liz, and myself.

It has all come together, my struggle and long journey. I have immortalized my family. They will forever be in the Congressional Record, and forever known as Patriots. It remains to be discovered whether we were Privateers. John Rosamond was titled ‘The Highwayman’. He served in the militia and had two sons, Samuel and James.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

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