Republicans Worship The Devil’s Share


Death, Famine, War and Pestilence

If President Ronald Reagan were to rise from his grave, he would ride his horse into the Evangelical Cult Shrine made to worship the False ‘Son of Man’. There is a book that calls Trump this. Does the ‘real president’ know what the “son of man” means? How about – the Devil’s Authors?

The Co-Founder of the European Union and United Nations wrote a book titled ‘The Devil’s Share’. Rougmont insists – the Devil is real! Reagan would put together a coalition of Loyal Republicans and have them meet with THE REAL President, and concede the election in the name of fighting our REAL ENEMIES! Make all Republicans take an Oath of Loyalty.

Do not vote for the Prigs of The Sex Shaming Pits who use the homeless crisis to get into office. Christine Drazen is cult leader of the Oregon Sex Pit Shamers. If elected, she will isolate Oregon from the rest of the world, and anoint her Fake Cowboys for The False Son of Man – to rule over us!

The Four Horseman and the Apocalypse are riding through the Ukraine. They got Putin’s war criminal troops – on the run! Why aren’t evangelical leaders bidding their False President to put an end to his war with the Democrats – and go after the Real Enemy of God?!

John ‘The Nazarite’

Does a Book Call Trump ‘The Son of Man, The Christ’?

A picture of a flyer showed the book title, “President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man – The Christ,” followed by the author’s name, Helgard Müller.

  • Published 19 September 2022
  • Updated 19 September 2022

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A rumor said that flyers for a book handed out at a rally called Donald Trump the son of man and the Christ.
Image via Facebook

Texas’s Ken Paxton and 10 other GOP state attorneys general came to the defense of former president Donald Trump on Tuesday in his legal fight over documents the FBI seized last month, filing an amicus brief in a federal appellate court that argued the Biden administration could not be trusted.

GOP attorneys general back Trump in court fight over Mar-a-Lago documents© Jacquelyn Martin/AP

In a 21-page document that repeated numerous right-wing talking points but that experts said broke little new legal ground, the officials accused the Biden administration of “ransacking” Mar-a-Lago, the Florida home of the former president, during an Aug. 8 court-authorized FBI raid and of politicizing the Justice Department.

Trump team tells 11th Circuit Mar-a-Lago probe is a ‘document storage dispute’ that ‘spiraled out of control’ (

Former President Trump’s legal team on Tuesday said the raid of Mar-a-Lago and the investigation into the mishandling of classified documents is “unprecedented” and “at its core is a document storage dispute that has spiraled out of control.”

utin’s troops are performing ‘so poorly’ in Ukraine right now that many Russian volunteers are refusing to go into combat, US official says (

President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man – The Christ by Müller, Helgard: As New (2022) | GreatBookPrices (

Why it’s wrong to assume American evangelicals are siding with Russia over Ukraine – Baptist News Global

Devils Share: de Rougemont, Denis: Books

In “The Devil’s Share,” Denis de Rougemont… presents a brilliant analysis of the dislocations and confusions of modern society by showing the curious contradiction of a world that still officially claims to believe in God and yet denies the Devil. Rougemont show the Devil, liberated by this denial, operating ceaselessly behind our facade of self-righteousness, conventionality, and mass opinion. 

A Thanksgiving Day celebration organized by evangelical churches in Ukraine prior to the war. (Image: courtesy of Conservative Movement of Ukraine via Christianity Today.)


Why it’s wrong to assume American evangelicals are siding with Russia over Ukraine


If Vladimir Putin wanted to invade a former Soviet-bloc country and get the blessings of American Christians, he might have done better than choosing Ukraine.

Among all the countries that once made up the USSR, Ukraine today stands out as among the most religiously diverse and has the largest presence of evangelical Christians, including Baptists.

Thus, while a few far-right American politicians and a few far-right evangelical leaders have sided with Putin in his unprovoked bloodbath in Ukraine, the vast majority of American Christians — including evangelicals — have thrown their support behind the people of Ukraine and not Putin.

Then-U.S. President Donald Trump (R) and Russian President Vladimir Putin attend their bilateral meeting at the G20 Osaka Summit 2019, in Osaka, Japan, June,28,2019. (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

That, in turn, has created a unique breaking point between white evangelicals in America and former U.S. President Donald Trump, who before this war appeared inseparable. Trump continues to praise Putin, as does a small segment of white evangelicals.

While American evangelicals previously found alignment with Russia on opposition to abortion and homosexuality, most appear unwilling to sacrifice the kind of religious freedom and Christian witness they have seen in Ukraine.

In fact, a surprising number of Americans have visited Ukraine, often on church-sponsored mission trips.

The Western European Union of Minds

Posted on November 26, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

The dumbing down of America by white angry Christians, is at an end. I declare Donald Trump THE DEVIL as described in Rougemont’s book ‘The Devil’s Share’. I know my liberal leftist agnostic peoples are going to have trouble accepting any religious belief, but they have to accept the truth a massive religious political cult did everything possible to destroy the Democrats and this planet. Read Rougemont’s book written in 1955. He describes with much skill how the Devil works.

John Presco

On the Devil and Politics – Religion Online (

A Father of European Union

Posted on June 26, 2016by Royal Rosamond Press


As Brexit shatters the European Union, let us look at one of its founders, who is rolling over in his grave.

Denis de Rougemont was titled ‘The Prince of European Culture’. He was at the first Bilderberg meeting, and is considered a co-founder of the European Union. Frederich the Great granted the Rougemonts of Neufchatel a title of old nobility.

Jon Presco

FRANKFURT—Britain won’t officially leave the European Union for at least two years, but European tourism officials already fear a British exit this summer.

The reason: A fall of roughly 6.6% in the value of the British pound against the euro Friday, after Britons voted to leave the EU. Currency traders, who were surprised by the referendum’s outcome, dumped sterling on fear of looming U.K. economic troubles.

International Consolidated Airlines SA, the parent company ofBritish Airways and Spain’s Iberia, quickly issued a profit warning, blaming market volatility. A big question businesses face now is whether the pound will remain depressed, upending economic relations between Britain and its trading partners. (See an interactive graphic examining the trade impact of Brexit.)

At the front lines of those relations are international tourists paying for hotels, meals and taxis in foreign currencies. EU destinations accounted for more than two thirds of British foreign travel, according to Euromonitor International. Spain, France, Italy and Germany are among the most visited countries.

Rougemont, Denis (de)
8.09.1906, Couvet (Neuchâtel) – 6.12.1985, Geneva
Source Fondation Denis de Rougemont

Denis de Rougemont


Denis de Rougemont was born on on September 8th, 1906 in Couvet in the Canton from Neuchâtel in Switzerland. His/her father is Pasteur. He continues studies of letters at the University of Neuchâtel between 1925 and 1930. In parallel, it starts its first voyages and remains in particular in Vienna, in Hungary and Souabe.

In 1930, it settles in Paris and becomes, within the Esprit movements and the Order New one of the founders of Personalism, at the sides of Emmanuel Mounier, Arnaud Dandieu, Robert Aron, Henri Daniel-Rops and Alexandre Marc. They were called “the nonconformists of the Thirties”. Rejecting as well Hitler as Stalin, just as nationalism and individualism, they preach the idea of an political organization, economic and social which is with the service of the Person designed like a unit at the same time distinct (the individual) and connected to the Community (the citizen), at the same time free (as an individual) and person in charge (as a citizen).

The Federalism appears the model to them which makes it possible best to link the People without giving up their diversity, and this is why they preach it. On the other hand, they reject the State-Nation centralized like mode of organization of the company.

During the years 1930, Denis de Rougemont develops the topics of Personalism through two works: Policy of the Person (1934), To think with the Hands (1936). In 1935-1936, it remains in Germany like French reader at the University of Francfort-sur-le-Main and brings back from there a very negative testimony on the Nazism, which it delivers in his Newspaper of Germany (1938). In 1939 appears the Love and the Occident which shows the influence D `a certain number of accounts mythical (of which Tristan and Iseult) on the typically Western design of an impassioned love and finally destructor, that the author opposes to the true charity.

In 1940, it is mobilized in the Swiss army and, with other personalities, it founds the League of Gothard which aims at stimulating the spirit of resistance to Hitler. Its positions being considered to be not very compatible with Swiss neutrality, it is sent on mission of conferences to the United States. Installed in New York, it publishes the share of the devil into 1942 who is a reflection on the disorders of the modern world, limed in totalitarianism and the materialism. It binds with many writers or European artists in exile (Saint-Exupéry, André Breton, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Saint-John Perse, Wystan Auden). After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it shows, in its Letters on the atomic bomb (1946), that the nuclear weapon places the men in front of a world danger which must encourage them to exceed the idea of national sovereignty.

Returned definitively to Europe in 1947, it takes part, at the sides of the federalists, the efforts to link Europe. On August 26th, 1947, he makes the inaugural speech of the first Congress of the European Union of the Federalists (the federalistic attitude). At the time of the Congress of $the Hague (7 May 10th, 1948), he is at the same time rapporteur of the cultural Commission and writer of the Final declaration (Message to Europeans). During this Congress, the cultural Commission proposes the creation of a Center European of the Culture, tries whose seizes itself Denis de Rougemont who to this end organizes the first European Conference of the Culture (Lausanne, 8 December 12th, 1949). The Center European of the Culture is finally made up in Geneva in 1950 and placed under the direction of Denis de Rougemont.

At the same time, it is mobilized with other intellectuals against Stalinist propaganda conveying the idea of a culture to the service of the class struggle, within the Congress for the Freedom of the Culture of which he becomes President in 1952 (he will occupy this function until 1966).

In charge of the Center European of the Culture, Denis de Rougemont provided the foundations, in December 1950, of an organization gathering the European scientists working on nuclear energy: it will be the CERN. He was at the origin of the first association joining together the very first Institutes of European Studies, which was drawn up in Geneva in 1951 (it existed until 1991), as well as European Association of the Festivals of Music. In the sides of Robert Schuman, it took part in the creation of the European Foundation of the Culture (Geneva, December 16th, 1954) which was transported to Amsterdam in 1957 when it always continues its activities.

He undertakes a deliberation on the cultural features which characterize the Occident compared to other civilizations. It is the topic of its work the Western Adventure of the Man (1957) and the think tank on the “dialog of the cultures” (formulates begun again later by UNESCO) which it organizes as from 1961. This same year, it publishes a work on the history of the European idea entitled Twenty-eight centuries of Europe. In 1963, it founds in Geneva the Institute of European Studies which will be incorporated in the University in 1992.

From the years 1960, its activity will concentrate on two topics: the rise of the areas and the transborder areas which carries out it towards the idea of a federalism being combined to the ideal of “Europe of the Areas”; destruction of the environment which leads it to call in question the finalities of our companies. He sees in the emergence of areas to human size at the same time an alternative to the State-Nation and the chance to reintroduce in our companies the concept of responsibility so essential to safeguarding for the environment. Ecology and areas are in the center of its last two major works: Open letter with Europeans (1970), the Future is our business (1977).

One will also raise permanence of his reflection on the technical development and his consequences, since his work on the atomic bomb going back to 1946 until data processing (article “Information is not to know” in 1981), via civil nuclear energy (the CERN).

Denis de Rougemont dies in Geneva on on December 6th, 1985.

The Foundation Denis de Rougemont

One finds on the site of the Foundation Denis de Rougemont of the many information on the writer, in particular of the reference books, the images and bibliography.

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