Trump Better Be Prosecuted


Photo submitted in Aug. 30 Justice Department filing

Trump and the Republicans turned our Democracy into a dictatorship using Clinton’s e-mails as an excuse to do so. Its now the Democrats turn to TRASH the Republicans, and do all they can to destroy – ALL THE REPUBLICANS! Hillary did not use State Secrets to hurt people. Trump is out to hurt as many Democrats as he can, and stole those TOP SECRET documents in order to hurt people. Trump has to stand trial, or, our DEMOCRACY IS DEAD!

John Presco

While Trump himself continues to call the investigation a “witch hunt,” and accuses the FBI of trying to make him look bad, the 1,000 individuals polled feel differently. A full 67% say that the allegations against him are either “very” or “somewhat” serious, and 59% believe that Trump handled the classified documents inappropriately. Moreover, 50% of respondents say that the former president should be prosecuted on criminal charges over the matter. 

Republicans react to damming DOJ filing of found Mar-a-Lago docs with cries of “staged” evidence (

The Startling Number Of Americans Who Want Donald Trump Prosecuted Revealed (

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