Trump Curses Liberty Tree of Life


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Jesus was a descendant of Ruth and Boaz. He came home to his roots found on the threshing floor. He had his kindred buy back this property. He then went to the Synagogue and announced the acceptable year of our Lord, the Jubilee, and set Moabite slaves, free. He restored their ancient property near the temple. This is why the Jews who accepted Herodian rule, tried to throw him off the cliff. The Jews and Moabites were once Brothers. They had a falling out and grew to hate each other. This is why most Jews rejected Jesus who began a revolt that burned down the debt archive that led to the war with Rome.

My neighbors want to throw me off the balcony. Kim kicked my cat friend and said we did not belong here. When she told me my daughter was on her side, I bid her to fetch…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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