Big Dark Money For Mr. Trump

It’s five in the morning and I have a head full of bright, sincere, moral things to say here. But, I will finish my long Biblical study that will put an end to Christianity – that believes they did a wonderful, shiny, moral thing, putting Trump in the White House. Does Pope Francis know about this billion and half dollars? Why has no Christian Leader condemned Trump’s total lack of morals and integrity?

When I discovered the truth about Martin Eden, for a day I weighed this question…

“Why has no author, or critic, or publisher SEEN what is – OBVIOUS? And, if they DID SEE, why did they keep their pen -shut?”

After I accused Trump & Gang of TREASON, I considered the truth – I could get hurt! If I publish ‘In London’s Wake’ it will be self-published, because, London is a sacred alcoholic cow. Contrary to the observations of Jesus Christ – all the people at the top – ARE PERFECT!

Putin – was perfect! As he – goes down – his insipid finger creeps toward THE BOMB! Putin will die before he admits he is MORALLY BANKRUPT, because, he has way more than $1.6 billion. Trump claimed he is/was a BILLIONAIRE as he ran for office, so, why did he need – MORE MONEY? If Jesus returned and ran for President – would he refuse ALL DARK MONEY – if he ran as a Republican?

John Presco

Conservative Dark Money Group Gets $1.6 Billion Donation In Huge Win For The Right | HuffPost Latest News

Trump’s attack on Elaine Chao revs up feud with McConnell (

Former President Trump revved up his feud with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) over the weekend, just as Republican concerns are starting to grow about whether the party can flip the Senate red in November.

Former White House Press Secretary Says Classified Information Was Like a ‘Shiny New Toy’ to Donald Trump (

Following the FBI’s seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, one former White House staffer says Trump’s tendency to show off secret information was well known during his time in office.

According to former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, the now 76-year-old Trump treated classified information as “his own shiny toy he’s showing off to his friends to impress them” — and his eagerness to share the info, she added, often trumped any fear that it might put lives in danger.

Conservative Dark Money Group Gets $1.6 Billion Donation In Huge Win For The Right | HuffPost Latest News

A Republican donor gave $1.6 billion to a new conservative nonprofit last year, the largest known donation to a political advocacy group in the nation’s history, The New York Times reported Monday.

The group, Marble Freedom Trust, is run by Leonard Leo, the co-chair of the conservative Federalist Society, an influential force in Washington that has worked to transform the nation’s judiciary. Leo has been instrumental in the fight to overturn Americans’ access to abortion and limit voting rights across the nation. ProPublica notes Leo has directly helped select judges to be nominated to the Supreme Court and organized massive media campaigns to see them confirmed.

The sheer size of the donation will likely aid the nation’s conservative wing for years, if not decades, and will serve as a particular boon to the GOP as the country heads into November’s midterm elections.

The money came via Barre Seid, a 90-year-old electronics manufacturing tycoon from Chicago, who transferred the massive sum via a series of legal tax loopholes that seem to have largely avoided any liabilities, the Times reported. Seid donated 100% of his shares in his company, Tripp Lite, to the nonprofit group before the company was then sold for $1.65 billion to an Irish conglomerate.

The nonprofit group received the proceeds from the sale, which was completed in March 2021, some $1.6 billion in total. ProPublica added the structure of the donation likely avoided as much as $400 million in taxes.

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