Get Out Of My Republican Party – Now!

I Copyrighted the Republican that has become a religious-cult.

Rosamond Press

Get out of my Republican Party my kindred founded – NOW! This is my campaign. As I type, FAKE REPUBLICANS open their gun ports and fire at the Democratic Party they wage war with – disguised as Christians! They use attorneys to take the High Ground – some more – claiming they own Legal Family Traditions, and Political Family Traditions. These Followers of The Grand Liar do not have a Traditional Republican Platform – as they try to sound LEGAL! Let the whole Lot of Parasitical Liars – FORM THEIR OWN PARTY! They are Thieves who invaded a home and taken the rightful residents hostage! Then they rain insults out the window! This is the Republican SLA!

Jesus is not on their side! Jesus is not God as Terry declares! What became of the God of the Jews! Many evangelical ministers are anti-Semitic! They were also Pro-Slavery! They gave sermons…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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