Magdalene Cult vs. Complementarianism


Has the love affair between Trump and Fox News gone sour? (

The former president would call into the rightwing news channel seemingly whenever he liked. Fox News hosts pumped up every Trump utterance. Trump watched the channel religiously, and in 2019 alone he sent 657 tweets in response to Fox News or Fox Business programs.

Since then, however, things appear to have changed. Trump, as the New York Times has pointed out, has not been interviewed on Fox News for more than 100 days.

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I have got to finish my books and get them on the market so I can reach more people. I was just watching the Oak Island bullicrap, and Coppen’s wife was on. She introduced the fans of the History channel to Tobi Dobbler, the alleged Knights Templar leader. More BS.

Dorothy Patterson has written many books, and is a authority on Complementarianism. Wives must submit to their husbands, and compliment him – all the time. He is her protector, so, the more assault weapons he owns, the more puffed-up and virile he is in her help-meet mind. I suspect the wives talk about how many  guns Her Man owns over the backyard fence, because, only HE can own a cellphone.

The bigger your guns, the more Complementarians you have at your beck and call, doing their damnedest to make you look good. Hope Hicks clammed up at the Senate Investigation…

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