From Fairmont to Belmont

My grandfather was a professional gambler in the Barbary Coast of San Francsico.

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I am now going to put forth a proposal for a film titled

From Fairmont to Belmont

It will be about the history of Bohemianism in Oregon, California, and NewYork. The movie ‘The Barbary Coast’ is from The Bozone. It is the model for my life. It is Victor Hugo Presco marrying Melba Charlotte Broderick the granddaughter of Augustus Janke of Belmont whose father built Belmont, and helped rebuild this famous Bohemian Capitol after the 1906 earthquake. My father’s mother is name after Charlottenburg Palace. The Stuttmeister lived on a street they made, at No.1 Berlin Way. They developed about fifty homes in the town of Fruit Vale, that like Fairmont, was swallowed up. Berlin Way is on my birth certificate. But, what is still blowing my mind, is where Wensel Anton Braskewitz-Prescowitz came from. He was born in Bohemia.

This is why I was anxious to find a backer…

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