Prissy Tony Perkins The Neo-Nazi Asswipe!

I posted this January 25, 2018 – FOUR YEARS AGO! I would like to see some of the Wicked Signers on the defense team of Paul. Tony Perkins would be a great defender of Killer Saul-Paul.

Nazarite Prophets Will Try Ginni Thomas and The Wicked Signers
Posted on July 24, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press
File:Jacob de Wit – Moses elects the Council of Seventy Elders – Google Art Project.jpg

EXTRA! Ten minutes after I posted this, I reread it in my easy chair. ALL OF A SUDDEN – I owned the answer to a question I have been looking for thirty-five years. I surmised that Jesus died on the cross as a Nazarite, and his vow was broken on purpose in order to fulfill a prophecy. What prophecy? WELL, here it is. Right before OUR EYES! Jesus was fulfilling the wish of Moses, that all the Lord’s people become prophets. Jesus – AND HIS FATHER – anointed The Twelve PROPHETS who took the Vow of the Nazarites. So be it! Ask and thou shall receive!

“I thirst!”

I have long believed Jesus and Moses founded and reborn a Democratic Theocracy. Now – I have proof. No Christian Nationalist can use any of my discoveries.

“But Moses replied, “Are you jealous on my account? I wish that all the LORD’s people were prophets and that the LORD would place His Spirit on them!”

Rosamond Press

According to Perkins, evangelical leaders have no illusions about the nature of their relationship with Trump. “I don’t think this president is using evangelicals. … I think he genuinely enjoys the relationship that had developed.

Trump grabs the puss-say, and Passionate Perkins, does the forgiving! Screw what Jesus thinks! Tony and Donald are using Jesus – like big dogs! Does Trump have a relationship with The Christ – who died for our sins!

Christians bullied the Mormons and are helping the Republicans hold DACA children hostage. Tony Perkins is willing to overlook the President’s debauchery and give a mulligan, because President Obama was not nice to Christians. Bullshit! Millions of Democrats who voted for Obama were not nice to Evangelical Loons who conduct cultural warfare in order to get attention and swell their racist ranks. The Abolitionist Republican Party was founded by immigrant socialists who went South, and…

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