Peter Townsend & Meher Baba

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Peter Townsend of the Who was/is a Baba Lover. No Baba Lover that I can discover knows anything about Jesus and the Parthian connection – but Baba said he was Jesus!

I just found out Rick Chapman has a nickname – and I laugh!

1. Chapman (nicknamed “Moochewalla” – means “the man with the mustache” )

Richard Powell, who played Jesus, also played Tommy’s father.

Jon the Nazarite

“In Love With Meher Baba”

by Pete Townshend – Rolling Stone, No. 71 (November 26, 1970)

I first heard about Meher Baba from Mike McInnerney in Autumn 1967. Mike later became very involved in the development of my own work on Tommy, and it was in the knowledge that he was a Baba lover; and able to grasp the needs of the evolving album, that I asked him to do the art work connected.

I was at his house with my lady…

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