Wyden! Where Are Dem Think Tanks?

Impeach Trump’s picks for Supreme Court.

Rosamond Press

Right-Wing Think Tank Family Research Council Is Now A Church In Eyes Of The IRS (msn.com)

Dick Durbin said calls to impeach Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are ‘not realistic’ (msn.com)

When I awoke, I was compelled to write Ron Wyden and ask him why the Democrats have not think tanks like the Republicans do. I was going to give him details about Chad Connelly and Elaine Donnelly. But, does our Senator have anyone on his staff – to read what I write? Who – cares! The Democrats have BEEN BLINDSIGHTED! They are – unprepared. Dem Voters do not want Biden to run again – because he has not fight in him – nor his VP. They ignored the Religious Side, which is empowering Republican voters. I have gotten no help.

The Supreme Court is about to rule on how we vote. Christian think tanks say the Republican Party if…

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