The Ideal Hippie Model

Everything that has happened between Rena and I was for the reason to give new life to the story of Hermas and Rhoda – and form a new religion.

John ‘The Royal Messenger’

“The one who raised me sold me to a certain woman named Rhoda, in Rome. After many years, I regained her acquaintance and began to love her as a sister. When some time had passed, I saw her bathing in the Tiber river; and I gave her my hand to help her out of the river. When I observed her beauty I began reasoning in my heart, ‘I would be fortunate to have a wife of such beauty and character.’ This is all I had in mind, nothing else. (1.1-2) [1]

When did I speak an inappropriate word to you? Have I not always thought of you as a goddess? Have I not always respected you as a sister? Why do you make such evil and foul accusations against me, O woman? (1.7)

Deputy Dan and The Janitor

Deputy Dan……….Mayland, is a hunk. I’m sure Rena noticed.

I’m going to work more on my movie script ‘The Janitor’. It begins late one rainy and dark night. Deputy Sheriff Dan is working the swing shift when he jumps out of his skin. On a bench sits Rena Easton. Not able to speak, Rena breaks the ice,

“I wondered how long it would take you to notice me. I’ve been sitting here for exactly 22 minutes and sixteen seconds.”

“Why didn’t you approach the desk, say something to me!”

Rosamond Press

Royal Rose of The World

In the summer of 1970, Rena Christensen and I were ‘The Model Hippie Couple’. In 1972, Christine and John Presco, were ‘The Model Hippie Artists’ as well as ‘The Model Hippie Brother and Sister’. We did not know that Eizabeth Rosemond Taylor was our cousin, and her family was ‘The Model Hippie Family’. For how long we held these titles, needs to be studied because we lived an experimental lifestyle that was violently opposed and oppress by the United States Government. Everyone could be a Hippie, but, can everyone be a ‘Patriot’?. How about a ‘Cowboy’ and ‘Redneck’? Do Rednecks and Patriots want everyone to own this title, and be like them? I don’t think so. These titles are being used to divide our Nation is half, and even launch a new Violent Civil War. Did Hippies as a whole call for the violent overthrow…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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