Beauty and The Shepherd

A new religion has been born in the pages of Royal Rosamond Press. I instructed Rena on the Indian Religion atop our small mountain. When we went to our beach, we walked with sheep. I will now be working on finishing my book.

The energy around my head – is the Holy Spirit Messenger.

John ‘The Shepherd Prophet’

John Was Not A Christian

Posted on August 9, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Dairy of God


John Presco

Copyright 2021

John the Baptist was not a Christian, nor did he Baptize Jesus – who came as a King. I am not a Christian, nor were the followers of John who kept Baptizing after Jesus was dead. The energy around my head is the valence of angel Gabriel.

Adoptionism – Wikipedia

Ebionites – Wikipedia

On Jesus the Nazarene[edit]

The Church Fathers agree that some or all of the Ebionites rejected many of the precepts central to proto-orthodox Christianity, such as Jesus’ divinity and virgin birth.[9] The Ebionites are described as emphasizing the humanity of Jesus as the biological son of Joseph and Mary, who, by virtue of his righteousness in keeping the Mosaic law perfectly, was adopted as the son of God to fulfill the Hebrew scriptures.[58][page needed]

New Testamental epistles[edit]

Adoptionist theology may also be reflected in canonical epistles, the earliest of which pre-date the writing of the gospels. The letters of Paul the Apostle, for example, do not mention a virgin birth of Christ. Paul describes Jesus as “born of a woman, born under the law” and “as to his human nature was a descendant of David” in the Epistle to the Galatians and the Epistle to the Romans. Many[who?] interpreters, however, take his statements in Philippians 2 to imply that Paul believed Jesus to have existed as equal to God before his incarnation.[26]

Shepherd of Hermas[edit]

The 2nd-century work Shepherd of Hermas may also have taught that Jesus was a virtuous man filled with the Holy Spirit and adopted as the Son.[note 2][28][29] While the Shepherd of Hermas was popular and sometimes bound with the canonical scriptures, it didn’t retain canonical status, if it ever had it.


In parable 5, the author mentions a Son of God, as a virtuous man filled with a holy “pre-existent spirit” and adopted as the Son.[14] 

In the 2nd century, adoptionism (the view that Jesus Christ was, at least initially, only a mortal man) was one of two competing doctrines about Jesus’ true nature, the other being that he pre-existed as the Word (Logos) or only-begotten Son of God and is to be identified as such from his conception; Christ’s identity as the Logos (Jn 1:1), in which the Logos is further understood to be uncreated and coessentially divine with God (that is, the Father), was affirmed in 325 at the First Council of Nicaea.[15] Bogdan G. Bucur says the document was widely accepted among “orthodox” Christians, yet was not criticized for apparently exhibiting an adoptionistic Christology. He says that the passage in question should be understood as Jesus making his dwelling within those who submit to his spirit, so that the adoption that takes place is not of Jesus, but of his followers.[16]

Some believe that Hermas has a binitarian understanding of God, as it calls the Holy Spirit the Son of God. Not all, however agree that Hermas has binitarianism.[17][18] Kelly calls the Christology of Hermas “an amalgam of binitarianism and adoptionism.[19]

Hermas has a synergist understanding of soteriology, where both works and faith are needed to be saved.[20] For Hermas baptism is necessary to be saved and warns those who undergo baptism by the danger of postbaptismal sins.[21] Shepherd of Hermas possibly supports delaying baptism for practical reasons which is because of the fear of post-baptismal sins.[22] According to Hermas, those who fall into sin after baptism, have only one chance of penance.[23]

The book has a high emphasis on morals and the work is an indication of Jewish Christianity — still keeping the Law of Moses.[24]

Hermas has some similarities to Montanism, such as a support of a belief in prophetic gifts and disciplinarian rigorism, however a direct connection does not exist. [25]

The principles which Novatian formulated have their origin in the Shepherd of Hermas.[26]

Some have argued that Hermas is the first example of pretribulationism.[27]

Place in Christian literature[edit]

Tertullian implies that Pope Callixtus I had quoted it as an authority (though evidently not as one of the books of the Bible), for he replies: “I would admit your argument, if the writing of The Shepherd had deserved to be included in the Divine Instrument, and if it were not judged by every council of the Churches, even of your own Churches, among the apocryphal.”[28] And again, he says that the Epistle of Barnabas, which is Tertullian’s name for the New Testament Epistle to the Hebrews, is “more received among the Churches than the apocryphal epistle of the Shepherd”.[29][3]

I Will Paint Portrait of Rena and Myself

Posted on August 8, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Diary of God

Gabriel found Irene Victoria Christensen hiding in a dark doorway at the foot of Venice Pier around 3:00 A.M. in the morning. I will render Gabriel in back of me as I stare at the crashing waves, asking….

“Where are you?”

Rena will be peering from out the dark. There is no one near. Here come Christine and Michael from their walk to the end of the pier.

When I went to Nebraska, I meant to ask Rena to be my wife. I wanted us to have children. They would be born with her photographic memorial that Gabriel would fill with..

The Diary of God


Where Rena And I Met

Posted on May 21, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

I put Rena’s portrait up for viewing. It catches my attention – big time! This is how she looked when she approached me and asked;

“Can I walk with you?”


Posted on December 4, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


Above is a photo of the last block on Washington Street that ends where the Venice Pier begins. In the 70s, every Friday and Saturday night young men whose girlfriends were knockouts, came here for a impromptu beauty contest. I do not know if this was going on when I met Rena in July of 10970. She was hiding in the dark doorway of one of these establishments at 3:00 A.M. in the morning. Her boyfriend had driven from Grand Island Nebraska to Los Angeles. I suspect he wanted to get his lover in the movies, or, perhaps, Playboy? Rena was waiting fore someone to come along – that she could trust.

After calling the Venice Muscle Men “fags” they chased him down the boardwalk, caught up with this Cornhusker, a mile away, and put him in the hospital. Rena saw the muscle guys return, and waited, and waited for her boyfriend. She spent all her money buying cokes until the bar closed at 2:00 A.M. She saw Michael and I walk by, and, the soon to be most highest paid artist in the world, the famous……’Rosamond’.

Rena watched me stop, while my sister continued to the end of the pier with her lover. Feeling left out, I looked down on the crashing waves, and asked;

“Where are you? The love of my life?”

I was calling to my new Muse because two days earlier I met with Marilyn for an hour, and she said we were through. She was my Twin Flame, a term I only learned about six months ago. Marilyn and I are dear friends today.

Rena watched the world famous artist to be, and future sister-in-law of the ex-wife of Thomas Pynchon, coming back her way. I walked twenty feet ahead. I was Christine’s teacher. She would give me credit for her amazing success. When she came at me from the dark doorway, I gasped. I looked, and could not catch my breath. Not but an arm’s length away, is the most beautiful face I have ever seen. I had to look away, if just to compose myself.

“Can I walk with you?” this apparition asked. I wanted to speak of the obvious, tell her there and then she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. This was the TRUTH! Who could believe it? Why me?!!!

“Of course! I was expecting you?” This is what came out of me.

“What do you mean by that?” This sea creature inquired, she scouring the interior of my soul in search of any foul hidden agendas.

“I was looking down on the waves, asking where she was, the love of my life! Don’t be afraid, I am a hopeless romantic.”

“Oh! Rena said. When Christine saw the painting I did of Rena two years later, she took up art.

When Christine Rosamond Benton came up to us, I introduced her to my family.

“Christine. This is…….?”


This fateful meeting took place at three in the morning. Michael would buy Christine her first art supplies. His brother was married to my younger sister. This is a creative family – event!

In six days, the first movie made from a Pynchon book, will premiere on the silver screen. ‘Inerent Vice’ takes place in Venice. It is about a PI who is visited by his beautiful ex. Consider the Playboy Beauty who drove West to get a contract with Ken Kesey to author her screenplay she had in mind. She was raised in the same town Rena was, Grand Island Nebraska. Consider the dangerous Alley Gang and Belle Burch, whom I asked to marry me so she could have these famous folks in her family tree, because, I am in need of a Bohemian Heir. This is the REAL Inherent Vice.

Last night I heard the Moody Blues perform this song on T.V. I heard it many time before, but, after learning about the Twin Flames, it was like hearing it for the first time. From what I gather from our recent communications, Rena has no appreciation for the incredible scene she starred in for 48 hours. Very wealthy men come from all over the world – for just a taste! I know Rena thinks no one noticed her, but, when you win the contest, it is gauche to look at Beauty directly. I had trouble – after she chose me.

In the contest held on this block, you saw the hottest women in L.A. There were blonde Aryan Couples with matching pure blue eyes. But, here come the Chicano dudes with the most stunning women you have ever seen.

I have to laugh! The palm trees, the tan surfer, the perfect sunsets, and the most Beautiful Woman in the world – who is you! And, somehow, this is what you came here for, and its all…… icky-pooh! Then, I happen along!

In hind sight, the Strong Men of Venice helped me become a legendary hero. Didn’t Hercules judge a beauty contest? We know Paris did. For years I have said this about Rena:

“Her beautiful face launched a thousand Rosamond prints.

It is coming back to me. Wings and the t-shirt store were once a bar. The door Rena came out of says “t-shirts” in red print.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Below is the photograph my sister took of me in 1973 in her studio. Rosamond’s images of beautiful women were found all over the world. I was going to be her first male subject. She wanted to make me famous, too. When I saw this photograph for the first time several years ago, I understood who Rena saw that night, a beautiful young man with pale blue eyes that she chose to save her. Rena has gold eyes. By the energy in our first kiss, I now know that she struggled to catch her breath.


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