Ivana Maire Trump – Czech Born

My condolences to the children of Ivana.

Rosamond Press


I awoke from my old man nap, and my voice told me to form a union between the Czech Republic, Britain, and New England. I heard the voice of my 500 pound Hater;

“How pretentious. What a fool! You are a nobody! You have no money! Everyone hates you!”

I get on google, and, before me is Ivana Trump, who turned down an Ambassadorship to the country she was born in.

“You fool!” I thought. “That’s the job I want!”

Then, it dawned on me………Ivana is a ‘Captured Beauty’. She was a beautiful model. I am still in the labyrinth. Then, I read Donald ripped off a cote of arms – twice! Why didn’t he go through proper channels? Consider the California Barrel Company! PerhapsI will have a barrel in my coat of arms.

Then, the truth hit me, the Trump Family believes money gets you everything you…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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