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In a dream I saw Gavin Newsom in the Oval Office – after he defeated the Black Magic of the Treacherous Neo-Confederate Jesus. It is just fine to use Disney-like Magic to defeat a Red State Denier, who can not admit Biden won the Presidency fair and square. To claim he did not, is to spread a Pall of Evil over the land.

Seer Jon

Icelandic Tale of Jon and Rosamunda

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

I have come by a rare book of Icelandic Tales. Two of these stories are about Jon and Rosamunda. This books shows me the Riddles of the Runes and how to invoke enchanting spells that are linked to the early church. You can see just a part of these magic spells washed up on the shore at the feet of the woman who will go unnamed. She sits on a rock by the sea. She knows the story of how Jon and Rosamond died on the seashore. They were reborn so this tale would never be lost. J.R. Tolkien was inspired by Icelandic Lore. We will live…..forever more!

Add to this the story of Jon and Rosamond in the Oera Linda Books, then, Tolkien’s dream of an Atlantian People, has come true. We will always – be! We are the Keepers of the Book. All good tales must come through us from here on. We will be bigger than Amazon. I own the Lost Code, and I can see the future in dreams and day dreams, as I have told you. I am Dream Jon.

Yes, that is Queen Rosamunda holding a scroll of my chivalric tale. She is my muse. This is why I need a winged muse to help me see. Now do you believe me! Her dress is blue.

I found Dream Jon after my last post. Amazing!

Jon Presco a.k.a. ‘Dream Jon’

Copyright 2018

Drauma-Jóns saga

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Drauma-Jóns saga (the story of Dream-Jón) is one of the medieval Icelandic chivalric sagas, written in Old Norse around the early fourteenth century.[1] It is a comparatively short work compared to others of the genre, and is really more an exemplum than a saga, similar in this respect to the chivalric saga Clarus saga and the ævintýri (‘exempla’) associated with Jón Halldórsson.[2] The work has been attributed to the monk Bergr Sokkason, abbot of Munkaþverá; at any rate it seems characteristic of the work of the North Icelandic Benedictine School.[3] It was a very popular story, to judge by the number of surviving manuscripts discovered: five on parchment and 45 on paper, with one prominent manuscript being AM 510 4to.[4] The tale may have Oriental origins.[5]

Rosamond Press

I am developing my characters. Salke is looking for writers. My Orc enemies froth at the mouth as they look to destroy me and get The Ring.

Jon Presco

Joseph Pearce, in the book “Tolkien: Man and Myth” tells how, in a 1997 poll, English readers voted J.R.R. Tolkien’s, “The Lord of the Rings,” the book of the century. The literati were embarrassed by their fellow-countrymen. In a nation that produced the likes of George Eliot, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens, and William Thackeray — to name a few — how could the masses choose a fantasy for adolescents as the book of the century?

Months later, The Daily Telegraph took its own poll. Same result. Then the Folio Society asked its 10,000 members to rank their top 10 books. Same result. Too bad for the literati, who refuse to believe a novel that isn’t about…

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