Council of Fifty and The Kingdom of God

State of Deseret

State of Deseret (sml).png

Based on “Map Of Oregon And Upper California . . . Bay of San Francisco” by Charles Preuss. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection.

I have long suspected John the Baptist was Baptizing everyone for citizenship in the Coming Kingdom of God – including Gentiles! His church was called The Way. The ‘Mormon Trail’ is one of the first names. I believe I am the embodiment of John and Moses – ordained to create a Water Way from the Mississippi to the Kingdom of Deseret.

Texas is seeking to seceded from the Union because they see themselves as part of the coming kingdom of the evangelical Jesus, who thru Justice Thomas has GONE AFTER women who want an abortion, and Gay People who want to be married. God has ruled that these blasphemer are not The Chosen to do THE JOB! I believe all the Mormons are The Chosen Builders. They own real organization skills.

Since the Two Witnesses came to me via my painting called ‘The Hill’ God and His Angels have been downloading much information. THIS IS GODS JOB – that he wants done! God parted the Red Sea!

“Let my people go!”

God wants to SAVE America! He hates the false crusade to hurt Gay People, here – and in Russia! I am His Messenger! He sent Two Witnesses to me. Our Lady Liberty is another Christus!

“Come unto me!”

John of The Way

Council of Fifty – Wikipedia

Rosamond Press

With the light apparition in my painting ‘The Guardians of The Voice’ I have been led to look at the Two Witnesses in Revelations who may have been the men in white at Jesus’ tomb. Owning a near-death experience, I will go into a realm few can follow.

Seer John

The Resurrection of the TwoWitnesses

CNN talked about some of the perfect movies that have been made. They left out ‘Baghdad Cafe’. A vision came to me that reminded me of one of my favorite movies. Jack Palance’s

Role of the Council in the Utah Territory and state of Utah[edit]

See also: State of Deseret

Brigham Young (daguerreotype circa 1846)

After Smith’s death, the Council anointed Brigham Young its leader, and as the “king and president” of the Kingdom of God.[20] Under Young, the council helped organize the trek west from Nauvoo in 1846, and it largely governed the unorganized territory of Utah until Congress granted territorial status in 1850.

The Council assisted in the Mormon Exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois and the eventual migration to the Great Basin area of what is now Utah. Young relied upon the results of scouting missions by members of the Council in choosing the Great Basin as a destination for their exodus from Nauvoo, over several alternate possibilities including TexasCaliforniaOregon, and Vancouver Island.

The council was to act as a legislative body in the Kingdom of God,[21] and in Utah, the Council became a provisional legislative body in the government. This continued until September 1850 when Congress organized the Utah Territory upon petition by the church. After Utah became a territory, the American expectation for a separation between church and state sharply diminished the Council’s official role in government. The Council then suspended meetings in October 1851. The council met again only briefly in 1867 and 1868 and voted for the establishment of Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI).

The Council resurfaced during the administration of John Taylor, to combat federal involvement in overseeing Utah elections.[22] The Council’s last recorded meeting was in 1884.

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