Using False Information To Destroy A Nation

Democrats have an opportunity to serve the majority of the American people during the six investigative hearings into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. But they will fail unless they name and shame the increasingly violent ideology of former President Donald Trump’s acolytes: white Christian nationalism.

I will be employing my Bond novel characters to show how the KGB use misinformation tactics to undermine governments they consider enemies. In our case, we are a Democracy with a Two Party System, thus, this ATTACK had to be a SURGICAL STRIKE! Surely President Trump’s Cabinet, and the State Department saw THE SIMILARITY. How dare the Right-wing media accuse the Democrats of playing politics by holding the Jan.6th hearing – when Trump lied about he being….


What the fuck do you call this – needs a real answer!

John Presco

Trumpworld Lied To Your Face About The Election

Josh Kovensky – Yesterday 8:36 AM

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In the fall and winter of 2020, former President Trump’s top lieutenants were in touch with reality: the election had not been stolen. Their guy lost.

© Chip SomodevillaPresident Donald Trump Presents Public Safety Officer Medal Of Valor

And yet, many of them played key roles in legitimizing — or even spreading — Trump’s false claims.

Evidence made public by the Jan. 6 Committee demonstrates not only that key Trump advisers and campaign officials told the former President that he had lost. It also shows that, knowing the truth, they acted to mislead the American public.

The Jan. 6 Committee played a video recording of former Attorney General Bill Barr during the Thursday night primetime hearing, for instance.

Barr recalled telling Trump that the election fraud claims were “bullshit,” and expounded on how damaging they were to the country.

“And I told him that it was crazy stuff and they were wasting their time on that and that it was doing great, great disservice to the country,” Barr said.

But what did Barr do in 2020?

He did resign from his position in December of that year, after telling the Associated Press in a hedged statement that the DOJ had uncovered no evidence of “widespread election fraud.”

But up until his resignation — which came with a letter that obsequiously praised Trump — Barr used the power of American federal law enforcement to launder Trump’s claims.

Before the election, Barr publicly made bogus claims about “mass mail-in voter fraud” — exactly the points that Trump and his allies would make throughout November and December 2020.

Barr also lifted a longstanding DOJ policy that banned federal elections investigations from taking place until the results were certified. That policy existed specifically to prevent federal probes from calling the election results into doubt, and resulted in the longtime head of the DOJ’s elections branch’s resignation.

That, in turn, opened the floodgates to more granular problems.

BJ Pak, the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta who, TPM first reported, departed on Jan. 4, 2021, was asked by Barr to review a video that right-wing conspiracy theorists claimed showed Georgia election workers bringing in suitcases of fake ballots. By the time Pak reported upwards that it was bogus, Barr had left. Trump saw Pak as a “never-Trumper,” leading to his dismissal.

But Barr wasn’t the only one who let Trump’s claims go forward.

Jason Miller held multiple briefings with the press in the days and weeks after the 2020 election in which he claimed that the Trump campaign was victorious.

He put forth the bogus claims in other fora as well.

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