Oregon’s Own Antichrist vs. MADA

Ginni Thomas is responsible for this desecration of art. She had to be close with Beverly LaHaye who worked hard to defund the arts. When I met Belle and the Wandering Goat we discussed being Radical Artists. I wanted he to head a feminist front.


Fake Feminists for Hire | Campaign for Accountability

Executive Summary

Concerned Women for America (CWA) claims to be the “largest public policy women’s organization” in the United States, but CfA’s new report, Fake Feminists for Hire, reveals how CWA has been staving off a decade-long decline by, in part, collaborating with well-funded dark money groups to amplify conservative causes that at times are unrelated to its mission.[1]

CWA has had an undeniable influence on American public policy over the course of its 40 year history: the group had the ear of presidents, helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, fought against U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and led the war against abortion.[2]  In addition to its domestic efforts, CWA worked abroad to advance the U.S. government’s interests in Latin America during the 1980s.[3]

Rosamond Press

When I went to Wayne Morse Square dressed as The Antichrist, I did so trying to get my courage back after being threatened by the Alleybellites and Kimites. In looking at the video I took, talking to a Three-Percenter, I wondered why he made no comment about me saying – I am The Antichrist. After the Storm The Dome Day, I realized there’s eight or ten guys (and a woman?) who claim to be the Antichrist – at every event! I thought I was original! My Light Sabre did get some attention.

In the God Gun Liberty video, it appears I might get in a fight with a young man wearing a MADA cap. He got punched in the nose when the T-Mob pushed people around to get to the podium and mic – that the Gay Pride Day folks refused to hand over. A Lesbian socked him in the…

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