Kenyan Prophecy

I posted this June 13, 2012. The Democrats put the Ginni Thomas affair with Insurrectionists – on the back burner! That’s her buddy – Tim Lahaye next to Tim Lahay.

Rosamond Press

Clinton was accused of being too friendly with foreigners like John Fremont was. My generations was told we Americans were good will embassadors, whose job was to bring our culture to all the people’s of the world – change them by example. Why then did we murder a million Vietnamese while the whole world watched? They were not a physical threat to us. We were Terrorists in Vietnam. Many generals saw themselves as new crusaders who were given a mititary solution by Jesus, who had such a thing way back when.

Billy Graham gave juice to the Great Commission, which is to spread Christianity to all foreign lands. Four years of George Bush has left this nation divided along Civil War lines, and his evangelical handlers turned millions of Americans into paranoid freaks. Is it any wonder our robust world economy is in the ditch and stuck in an ancient…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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