Ginni The End Time Tribulation Terrorist


Rosamond Press

Ginni kept Trump in a hysterical paranoid mood in the Oval Office. In theory, Starfish, and her lover, Victoria Bond, have defeated Ginni, the evil spirit of Tim LaHaye, and, Donald Trump. Did the Thomas’s know Putin was on a crusade against LGBTs?

My plan to sue the Oregon Family Council is justified because their questionnaire is indicative of the real paranoid witch-hunt the Christian Coalition, and the Tea Party Patriots, have been on. They spend millions of dollars of their secret funding on hiring and firing people according to their paranoid religious views.

John Presco

“Thomas’ hiring memos were not taken seriously by Trump aides. According to the Beast, “they were so often filled with infamous bigots and conspiracy theorists, woefully under-qualified names, and obvious close friends of Thomas that several senior Trump aides would laugh at them — that is, until Trump would force his staff to put…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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