Amazon Dealing With Tolkien Racism

If I was Governor of Oregon I would reach out to Amazon and the Broccoli family and inform them of the literary connection I have – and thus Oregon – to their books and movies. I would inform them (and Disney) they can follow the red carpet trail to Beaver and Duck Nation. Kenny Reed Was Offered Ed Fadeley’s Kidney | Rosamond Press

Real Gone In Oregon | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

For twenty-five years I have been trying to HAND the State of Oregon the Tolkien Legends, via Joaquin Miller. Only one person – get’s what I am trying to do! I suspect others can not believe this FANTASTIC GIFT is coming from a disabled nobody on SS1. They conclude, if it was FOR REAL, someone would have given me a million dollars – for starters!

It appears Pepsi pulled out of the Superbowl halftime because of the all-black rap music message. The Racist Republican Party has spent a trillion dollars – to become even more white and racist! Many white folks are supporting Putin. The next James Bond – may be a black man or woman! We are talking about billions of dollars that are wrapped up in the Culture Wars.

What is truly a Lord of the Ring Moment, is a woman of African and Indian ancestors, is moving…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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