The Nazified Jesus Hates Disney

And, so it begins, the Hot Christian Culture Crusade. Christianity has opposed many people and groups in a violent manner. Never before in American History has a Religious Group-State taken away the tax exemption of a major company in some manner. Consider the special privilege Hobby Lobby was given by Christpos (Christians who love politics more than Jesus) Time to tax Christpos leaders.

My German grandfather had the first Theme Park in California. I am going to sue Florida for destroying several Brand Names that are vital to My Religion. Sleeping Beauty was named…..Rosamond! Below is a photograph of her castle.

Hitler used Martin Luther’s hateful book to persecute the Jews. My cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, played Rebecca in Ivanho. She converted to Judaism. Several castles were the setting for that movie based upon the book by Sir Walter Scott.

Not able to win or steal an honest election, these the New Florida Christian KKK go after a company that brings joy to children.

“I brief, dear princes and lords, those of you who have Jews under your rule­­ if my counsel does not please your, find better advice, so that you and we all can be rid of the unbearable, devilish burden of the Jews, lest we become guilty sharers before God in the lies, blasphemy, the defamation, and the curses which the mad Jews indulge in so freely and wantonly against the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, this dear mother, all Christians, all authority, and ourselves. Do not grant them protection, safe-conduct, or communion with us…. With this faithful counsel and warning I wish to cleanse and exonerate my conscience.

* * *

Let the government deal with them in this respect, as I have suggested. But whether the government acts or not, let everyone at least be guided by his own conscience and form for himself a definition or image of a Jew.”

The Royal Janitor

Chapter The No Tell Motel

It was at the No Tell Motel in Nebraska that Starfish told Victoria she had a burning desire to got o Disneyland in Florida.

“We can’t go there. Our People are boycotting Florida.”

“Why? And, who are our people?”

Florida Senate passes bill to strip Disney’s special self-governing status

The Florida House still has to vote on the measure, which would dissolve the special taxing district that allows Disney to operate much like a local government.

Image: Walt Disney World

Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World Resort on March 3, 2022 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.Arturo Holmes / Getty Images file

April 20, 2022, 10:28 AM PDT

By Rebecca Shabad

WASHINGTON — The Florida Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would dissolve the special taxing district that allows the Walt Disney Co. to self-govern in its theme-park area.

Lawmakers in the Republican-controlled chamber backed the measure in a 23-16 vote. It now requires a vote in the state House before going to the desk of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who called on the Legislature to support the bill during the special session this week.

Capturing Sleeping Beauty At Rosamond Gallery

Posted on June 8, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

The work of Disney Artist, Eyvind Earle, hung in the Rosamond Gallery in Carmel. Eyvind illustrated ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

When I was eleven I read all the Grimm’s Fairytales in a month. When my sixteen year old daughter came into my life, I compared her to Sleeping Beauty, who was name ‘Rosamond’. I soon realized she was ‘The Family Sleeper’ who was fresh and untainted. When Heather Hanson came into my life for the first time, I offered to teach her Rosamond’s Style. After giving birth to my grandson, Tyler, she had to focus on being a good mother. Hoping to leave a creative legacy to my grandson, I founded this company just hours ago.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Eyvind Earle (April 26, 1916 – July 20, 2000) was an American artist, author and illustrator, noted for his contribution to the background illustration and styling of Disney animated films in the 1950s. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Rahr West Art MuseumPhoenix Art Museum and Arizona State University Art Museum have purchased Earle’s works for their permanent collections. His works have also been shown in many one-man exhibitions throughout the world.

White Rose Saves The World

Posted on December 13, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


Gloria Stuart played Rose DeWitt in the movie ‘The Titanic’. DeWitt means “white”


Gloria Stuart would be celebrating – if she was still alive!

Stuart was also an avid environmentalist.[124] “I belong to every organization that has to do with saving the environment,” said Stuart. “I’m fed up with venal and avaricious forestry people, mining people, oil people, gas people. I think the abuse of the environment is sinful.

The people who will not be celebrating are the false evangelical prophets who reject all secular solutions because their version of Jesus is destined to save the earth – after its complete destruction. Peoples who are not one of them, are supposed to be wiped out in their Final Solution. Why should sane people go along with this destructive and  EXCLUSIVE plan that a wealthy politician caters to? Donald Trump gives racist messages to the thirty million evangelicals that control the Republican Party founded by my kindred. He wants to do away with environmental programs, and exalt the rich exploiters of Planet Earth – who love the idea they own permission from Jesus to rape the world!


Yesterday, World Leaders signed an agreement that changed the course of the Titanic, and thus, there hopefully will be no collision with the melting icebergs. Climate Control may save our Icecaps.

Jack Dawson is an artist who does a nude of Rose, who strike a pose on the bow of the Titanic that looks like she is on a cross. This scene is representational of a Liberated Woman who no longer wants to take her life. The White Rose of the World wants to live – and flourish! This is a heresy to Doomsday Evangelical Leaders who have taken over our Congress, and with glee, steer our Secular Society towards the jagged rocks! Anyone who would do anything to prevent, or delay the Tribulation, would be considered the Anti-Christ – who unknowingly brings on the Tribulation. One must conclude the Anti-Christ is the forerunner of the Killer Christ, and is needed to make it all come out – wonderful! ISIS entertains the same nightmare.

I suggest The White Rose become the symbol of this worldwide movement to save all the peoples of the world, and give unto all the children – yet to be – a pristine world!

The Rose Heart of The Ocean

Jon Presco


Afterwards, at around 8:00, Rose brought Jack to her Parlor Suite and showed him around. She showed him the Heart of the Ocean that Cal had given her and asked that Jack draw her in the nude wearing only the necklace. She proceeded to undress and came to Jack wearing a komino robe which she then removed. Jack had her pose on a sofa and began to draw. When he finished, Rose put her clothes back on and put the sketch in Cal’s safe with the necklace and a taunting note.

A historic, legally binding climate deal that aims to hold global temperatures to a maximum rise of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, staving off the worst effects of catastrophic global warming, has been secured.

The culmination of more than 20 years of fraught UN climate talks has seen all countries agree to reduce emissions, promise to raise $100bn a year by 2020 to help poor countries adapt their economies, and accept a new goal of zero net emissions by later this century.

Formally adopted in Paris by 195 countries, the first universal climate deal will see an accelerated phase-out of fossil fuels, the growth of renewable energy streams and powerful new carbon markets to enable countries to trade emissions and protect forests.

Afterwards, at around 8:00, Rose brought Jack to her Parlor Suite and showed him around. She showed him the Heart of the Ocean that Cal had given her and asked that Jack draw her in the nude wearing only the necklace. She proceeded to undress and came to Jack wearing a komino robe which she then removed. Jack had her pose on a sofa and began to draw. When he finished, Rose put her clothes back on and put the sketch in Cal’s safe with the necklace and a taunting note.

As the final text of the agreement was released, the French president, François Hollande, said: “This is a major leap for mankind. The agreement will not be perfect for everyone, if everyone reads it with only their own interests in mind. We will not be judged on a clause in a sentence, but on the text as a whole. We will not be judged on a word, but on an act.”

Economist Lord Stern added: “This is a historic moment, not just for us but for our children, our grandchildren and future generations. The Paris agreement is a turning point in the world’s fight against unmanaged climate change which threatens prosperity. It creates enormous opportunities as countries begin to accelerate along the path towards low-carbon economic growth.”

The British prime minister, David Cameron, also welcomed the deal, praising those involved for showing what ambition and perseverance could do. “We’ve secured our planet for many, many generations to come – and there is nothing more important than that,” he said.

The Bohemian Rose Peace Center

Posted on December 10, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


Gloria Stuart was an Artist and Bonzai Master. She lived in the Bohemian Community of Carmel where my late sister, Christina Rosamond Benton, had two galleries. She married Blair Gordon Newell, a sculptor who helped Ralph Stackpole with his creative projects. Ralph was a good friend of the muralist Diego Rivera and his artistic wife. Ralph knew George Sterling who co-founded the Carmel Bohemian community, and the Bohemian Club. Gloria was friends with the Weston family of photographers of Carmel. Gloria’s offspring are making a documentary titled ‘The Secret Life of Old Rose’.

Gloria went to Santa Monica High School, and my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, went to University High in the Sawtelle where sprang a Creative Beat Musical scene at a Tea House located at 11271 Massachusetts Ave, Los Angeles. Here I drew my High School sweetheart, Marilyn Reed. We were fifteen and sixteen, and considered ourselves, Beats. My friend, Bryan McLean of ‘Love’ played here, as did David Cosby. Bryan was in love with my sister, who became the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’. Liz and Gloria were involved in the Arts. The muralist, Stanton McDonald Wright, placed Gloria next to the actor Leo Carrillo overlooking Santa Monica Bay. That is Gloria’s husband with his sculpture near Rocky Point. Stanton was a good friend of the artist and muralist, Thomas Hart Benton.

America needs a Peace Center where people can gather and look for ways to be peaceful. I am looking at the Sawtelle Asylum for Wounded Veterans where Ralph’s statue of Pacifica can be rebuilt. Unto this sanctuary all Seekers of Peace would be welcome.

Come! Put on your tapping shoes, and help make America great again!

I just talked to Marilyn and she told me she used to hop the fence and swim in the Tongva Springs all the time, starting when she was eight. She lived on Armacost near Brockton Elementary school located a few blocks from Uni High. Gloria and M look like the French Actress, Madeleine Sologne,  who starred in Cocteau’s movie ‘L’Éternel Retour’ The movie ‘The Titanic’ returned to the theme of Eternal Love. Artists are immortalized. I have found a stellar group of creative souls that sprang from mural in Santa Monica where Marilyn and I went to swim in the sea. These are…………my people!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015


Group No. 8 is the “shooting” of a moving picture, with present-day “blimps” for deadening the sound of cameras, lights, etc. Gloria Stuart is the central figure. Leo Carrillo is in the background and his father, Judge Carrillo, is in front of him. Gloria Stuart was born in Santa Monica and the Carillo family is one of the oldest of resident Santa Monicans. On the left stands Director Frank Tuttle.

At the end of her junior year, in June 1930, Stuart married Blair Gordon Newell,[17] a young sculptor who apprenticed with Ralph Stackpole on the facade of the San Francisco Stock Exchange building.[18] The Newells moved to Carmel-by-the-Sea where there was a stimulating community of artists and movers and shakers such as Ansel AdamsEdward WestonRobinson Jeffers and Lincoln Steffens and his wife Ella Winter.

In 1934, Stuart and Newell divorced amicably and she married screenwriter Arthur Sheekman, one of the writers on Roman Scandals. Sheekman was Groucho Marx‘s best friend and was collaborating (sometimes without credit) on Marx Brothers films. Later, Sheekman ghostwrote several of Marx’s books; Marx called him “The Fastest Wit in the West”. The Sheekmans’ daughter, Sylvia Vaughn Sheekman, was born in 1935. Four years later, Stuart convinced her husband they should travel around the world. When they reached France, they tried to volunteer for the French Resistance, but were turned down, so they caught the last ship sailing to New York.

Stuart was also active in political and social causes, Stuart helped form the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League in 1936, the same year she and writer Dorothy Parker helped organize the League to Support the Spanish War Orphans. She also became a member of the Hollywood Democratic Committee and was on the executive board of the California State Democratic Committee. For several decades she was a member of The Wesley United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California.[2]

During this period, Stuart took up the Japanese art of bonsai, becoming the first Anglo member of the California Bonsai Society. And she began to travel again, going with friends or on her own to Europe, India, Africa, the Balkans. Five years after husband’s death, Stuart became reacquainted with California printer Ward Ritchie (Ward Ritchie Press), whom she had known during her college years. Both widowed, they fell in love. She was fascinated by his antique hand press and asked him to teach her how to run it. She bought her own hand press and established “Imprenta Glorias”, and began creating artists’ books (books hand-made, labor intensive, usually with a very limited run). Stuart wrote the text, designed the book, set the type, printed the pages, and finished pages with water colors or silk screen or decoupage. Books from Imprenta Glorias are in the Metropolitan MuseumLibrary of CongressHuntington LibraryJ. Paul Getty Museum, Morgan Library, Victoria and Albert MuseumBibliothèque nationale de France, and numerous private and university collections. No longer able to work with small type and a large heavy press, she gave her press and sets of rare type to Mills College. Stuart and Ritchie kept company (each in their own house) until his death from cancer in 1996.

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