Mars Must Rule The Waves

I have the title of my great book…..A War Story!

Rosamond Press

Visions of the Ghost Fleet will prove to be one of the most literary importance. There is a love story here, between myself and Rena Easton. The Crusade of the Radical Christian-right, ended yesterday in front of our Capitol. The armed fake patriots I perceived that were behind Rena having Deputy Dan Mayland call me – had their day! It is over for them. Turn out the lights!

Now, it is Frances turn. A naval celebration is canceled over Uncle Sam putting his long arm around the Britannia of Australia. Does that work? I found a new Goddess of War, Bellona, that should replace the Statue of Liberty that France gave us. We need a more aggressive goddess, one that has to be kept on a leash, a chain, so eager is she to shred China.

Seer John

Bellona (goddess) – Wikipedia

Bellona was originally an ancientSabinegoddess of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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