David A. Burch For Governor

A fellow candidate.

David Burch on running for Oregon governor, top issues, what’s going right | KOIN.com

David Burch on running for Oregon governor, top issues, what’s going right

by: Amanda Arden

Posted: Jan 20, 2022 / 12:54 PM PST

Updated: Jan 20, 2022 / 12:54 PM PST

In their words, candidates respond to a KOIN questionnaire. Unless noted, this is the response in its entirety


KOIN 6 News contacted candidates who are planning to run for Oregon governor in 2022, asking them to respond to these three questions:

  • Why are you running for governor? 
  • In your opinion, what are the top three issues Oregon is facing right now? 
  • What is something you believe is going right in Oregon and how would you like to continue to build on it?

David Burch is running as a Republican. Here are his responses:

Why are you running for governor? 


I am running for Governor based on personal motivations. Ever since I was 11, I’ve always wanted to be a politician. My mother gave me an assignment to read a book on the 42 (at the time) presidents of the United States. The tales mesmerized me. Another motivation is personal tragedy. I will spare you the details, but the short of it is that my loss made me see flaws in our system that needed to be adjusted so that we can save more lives. I seek to make my lost loved one proud, for they saved my life. I believe I am obligated as a result to make them proud and to make my family proud. I believe that I, in these trying times, have both the life story, the talents necessary for this profession and the it factor necessary to know that not only can I become governor, but be a governor we can all be proud of. That the young boy who moved around a lot as a kid, born in Medford, raised in Wilsonville, Salem and Forest Grove, can represent and embody the will of everyone in Oregon. Not just one side of the political aisle, but every Oregonian. Who better than Oregon born, Oregon raised?

In your opinion, what are the top three issues Oregon is facing right now? 

The top three issues Oregon faces right now are rooted in sadness, pain and division. I will list the following:

  1. Mandates. We have become a citizenry who feels that the only way we can get society through our trying times is force. That we need mandates to encourage vaccinations. That we need to be better than others to get the point across. If we all slowed down and worked together, we could eventually lift ourselves from this cloud of darkness that looms over our heads known as the COVID pandemic.
  2. Employment. Partially related to the pandemic, but we are hemorrhaging employees due to previously mentioned mandates, arbitrary and egregious economic decisions by the federal government and an overall choice of dependency on foreign elements. I seek to run on an election campaign based on more humanitarian values. We need to get all these people who chose to quit based on principle, back into employment. As governor I will refuse to acknowledge federal mandates and get our teachers, our doctors, our nurses, our men and women in blue and every employee who quit on principle, back in employment. If our government continues to acknowledge said mandate, our state will continue to hemorrhage economically. I will find alternative solutions to our problems.
  3. Economy. Also related to the previous, but I would employ more economic incentives to jolt our economy by encouraging more spending, while also simultaneously encouraging companies to use personal economic incentives to vaccinate and wear masks by implementing a system of deals on items and other benefits that make spending on goods easier in these economic hardships, while also encouraging vaccinations based on individual, personal motivations. By creating a more positive environment rather than a toxic one, we not only can get people employed, get people vaccinated, get our state back to economic health and maybe even prosperity, but also bridge a severe divide that we have. Respecting each other’s boundaries, while also being a community and encouraging each other to do as we all wish while we all prosper, is a massive start to adjusting and patching up our issues in a fell swoop. It is not a solution, but a great start.

What is something you believe is going right in Oregon and how would you like to continue to build on it? 

My favorite question of all. I think that we, as Oregonians, have a natural tendency to be leaders. We are a strong community of proud, strong but open and accepting people. I walk out to my community and seeing them work together, hearing their stories, makes me smile in ways I normally don’t. It is our community, our Oregonian spirit, that leads me to believe that if any state can lead us out of this division, hatred, economic, social and other disparities in our time, it is Oregon. I can only hope that I could have the joy, the opportunity, to be a part of that. 

Editor’s Note: KOIN 6 News made minor adjustments to spelling, capitalization and punctuation in the responses the gubernatorial candidates submitted.

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