I Foresaw The Russian Hacking

I might be kin to Elvis Presley.

Revolutionary War Pensions
Posted on January 15, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press




“NEW YORK — In the aftermath of President-elect Donald Trump’s closely watched news conference, a burning question remains: What, exactly, was in those folders stacked on the desk next to him? The campaign wouldn’t let reporters look at them. Trump never got around to discussing the documents. Some of the folders weren’t labeled.”

To: Congressman Peter de Fazio and Senator Ron Wyden

At his press conference, Donald Trump produced a stack of legal documents he would not let reporters see. He says the read, and signed, papers, turned his business over to his children who will get everything when he dies. Why not leave everything to the American People, now, and let his children make their own money, like most of us who don’t have a legacy? Many suspect there were blank pieces of paper inside. Is this a hoax?

I am asking my Congressman and Senator to put these documents in the public domain. There is a precedent for doing this, being Revolutionary War Veterans, and their Widows, had to submit papers to the United States Government, and, undergo questioning, in order to receive some of the first monies given by our Founding Fathers to our first citizens. This was the case of my kindred, Captain Samuel Rosamond, and his first wife, Ann Pressley, also spelled, Presley. There was even an instance where cash grants were given to families who were on the brink of starvation due to our desire to be free. Why not author a Trump Trust that goes to paying off the National Debt? Every three months Ivanka can recite how much debt has been paid by the Trump Dynasty. When Trump leaves office, he and his children would be free to make, and keep, as much money as they want. Who knows, Obama might give Donald an award – before he takes office!

In looking at my family tree, and these records, we see slaves being left in the Wills of brave men who founded one of the strongest democracies the world has ever known, thus these chained men and women contributed to the financial strength of our nation’s first families. They took care of the children and property of these fighting men. I suggest that anyone who can produce evidence they were the property of these world famous Rebels, be compensated. I suggest the First Family to be, offer a Freedom Bounty to the grandchildren of slaves. This amount can be determined by our elected Lawmakers, or, by all members of the Trump family who subscribe to economic incentives – and higher education! A thousand dollars can go to school supplies.

Because Trump and Putin have a great interest in Coats of Arms, any slave descendant of a family who owned a Coat of Arms, will be awarded a special Freedom Coat of Arms that will contain the image of The Liberty Tree, along with their family name.

Because the Republicans put before our Lawmakers one frivolous Bill after another, may I suggest a Bill be introduced that forbid President Trump from forming a motorcycle club modeled after the Knight Wolves of Russia, who are considered Putin’s storm troopers. The leader of the Knight Wolves wants additions made to the Russia Coat of Arms that Putin installed, that contains a SERPENT and TWO-HEADED EAGLE!

“And the President will wear no colors of any motorcycle club lest it appear his intention is to ride hard all over the countryside, and with other lawless men, terrorize the good citizenry.”

Elvis Presley was kin to President Carter, and may be in my family tree, along with Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

John Presco

heraldry and vexillology, the double-headed eagle is a charge associated with the concept of Empire.




Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters Pension application of Samuel Rosamond W4579 Sarah fn55SC Transcribed by Will Graves 12/4/09 [Methodology: Spelling, punctuation and/or grammar have been corrected in some instances for ease of reading and to facilitate searches of the database. Also, the handwriting of the original scribes often lends itself to varying interpretations. Users of this database are urged to view the original and to make their own decision as to how to decipher what the original scribe actually wrote. Blanks appearing in the transcripts reflect blanks in the original. Folks are free to make non-commercial use this transcript in any manner they may see fit, but please extend the courtesy of acknowledging the transcriber—besides, if it turns out the transcript contains mistakes, the resulting embarrassment will fall on the transcriber.]

State of Georgia will County: Special Inferior Court January 14 day 1845 On this day of January 1845 personally appeared before the Honorable the Inferior Court held in and for said County and State the same being a Court of record, Mr. James Rosamond a resident of said County and State aforesaid aged 38 years past who being duly sworn according to law saith that the following statement is true to the best of his knowledge and belief and according to the information given him by his parents in which he verily believes to be true viz. That he is the son of Samuel and Sarah Rosamond both now deceased. That his Father the said Samuel Rosamond was a soldier and served in the War of the Revolution in the South Carolina Militia. That he held the rank of Lieutenant and Captain in Colonel Anderson’s Regiment — and for proof of the services of the said Samuel Rosamond he refers to the evidence hereto annexed. And deponent further states that he is informed and believes that the said Samuel and Sarah Rosamond his parents were legally married in Abbeville District South Carolina on the __ day of __ 1785. And deponent further states that the said Samuel Rosamond died on the 11th day of August 1814 in Anderson District South Carolina leaving the said Sarah Rosamond his widow and that she remains his widow to the period of her death. That she died on the 25th day of April 1844 without ever applying for a pension leaving Elizabeth Phyles, Ezekiel in right of wife Margaret Powell[,] Barksdale in right of wife Sarah Garrison[,] Abner in right of wife Lucinda Clark[,] James S in right in right of wife Jane Liddel[,] Madison Rosamond, Richard Rosamond, Mary Clark and James Rosamond, this deponent — her only surviving children and legal heirs then living. That this affiant was informed in the winter of 1844 that the act of Congress of 7 July 1838 gave pensions to widows of soldiers that were married prior to 1794 for the military services of their husband. That this affiant made some exertions prior to the death of his said mother Sarah Rosamond by letters to procure the necessary proof in order to procure her pension and that she died on the day aforesaid and never made application for pension. That He has qualified as administrator on the Estate of his mother Sarah Rosamond and makes this Declaration to obtain the pension due her at the time of her death. S/ James Rosamond

[fn p. 8: in August 1845 in Anderson district South Carolina, Mrs. Ann Pressley, 84, submitted the record of the births of her children in support of her assertion that she was acquainted with Samuel Rosamond a Captain in the war of the revolution and Colonel Anderson’s Regiment and his wife Sarah Hodges before their marriage; that they were married prior to the birth of her 2nd child, James Pressley in August 1787 and that they lived together as husband and wife during her acquaintance with them. That family record reads as follows: David Pressley & Ann Edmiston was maried Novr 16th 1784 Pressley Junior was born January 29th 1786 and departed this life March 21st Insuing James Pressley was born August 7th 1787 Mary Ann Pressley was born June 26 1789 David Pressley Junior was born March 26 1791 Abner Edmiston Presley was born January 27th 1793 Esther Brown Presley was born May first 1795 Janet Pressley was born December 8th 1796 and died October 8th 1797 Jean Miller Presley was born March 15th 1799 Elizeth Pressley was born April 3rd 1800 Agnes Pressley was born February 17th 1802 Rachel [illegible] Presley was born December 10th 1803 A Daughter born October 3rd 1805 and departed this life on the 25th day of her age being 3 weeks & 4 days old

[fn p. 12: Abner Clark testified on April 21, 1845 in Walton County Georgia that Sarah Rosamond’s home was burned in 1834 along with all its contents which may have included the Bible record of the marriage of said Sarah to Samuel Rosamond and the birth dates of their children.]

[fn p. 33] State of South Carolina Abbeville District Be known that the 14th day of May 1844 before me John C. Waters a Magistrate in and for the District aforesaid personally appeared Thomas Moore1
a resident of the said District and State aged 82 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following statement that he was acquainted with Samuel Rosamond and served in the company [indecipherable word or words] with said Samuel and that said Samuel was Lieutenant and Captain in the war of the Revolution the deponent states the dates he does not well recollect that the said Samuel was Lieutenant in this militia before independence was declared under the command of Captain Jones and as soon as volunteers was called for the said Samuel volunteered and held a commission of Lieutenant under Captain Crain Jones Colonel Robert Anderson and General Andrew Pickens until about the year 82 the said Samuel was appointed Captain (after the Resignation of said Captain Crain Jones) the deponent further states that he [was?] not with the said Samuel during the war of the Revolution with the exception of one small Tour that was at a station called Due West Corner against the Cherokee Indians and that the said Samuel held the command of Lieutenant at that Tour the deponent thinks that tour was in the year 79 Due West Corner is in the district and State aforesaid the deponent further states the reason he cannot give a full detail of the said Samuel’s Tours is that he the deponent as soon as he was large enough to do militia duty enlisted and was in the lower part of the State when the Principal Battles was fought in the upper part of the State but when he the deponent returned home he was informed from the most respected men that the Samuel was at the siege of Ninety Six and also at a battle at Kettle Creek in the State of Georgia, the said [affiant] further states that the said Samuel Rosamond and Sarah Hodges he believes was lawfully and at any rate they settled in Abbeville District in the said State and lived together as such and was understood by all that
Thomas Moore S21387
knew to be man & fife [sic, wife] and after a number of years then moved to Pendleton District and that he has been informed that the said Samuel died in Pendleton District but he does not recollect the day when he moved or when he died. S/ Thomas Moore

State of South Carolina Abbeville District: Be it known that on this 15th day of always 1845 before me John C. Waters a Magistrate in and for the District aforesaid personally appeared Thomas Moore a resident of said District aged 83 years past who being duly sworn according to law saith on oath that he resided in Abbeville District ever since and before the Commencement of the War of the Revolution and did himself rendered services in the American cause and that Peace was ratified in November 1783 — And that he deponent was married in September 1785 near 2 years after Peace was ratified and that deponent’s oldest Child was born September the following say 1786 — deponent further states that was personally acquainted with Samuel Rosamond who was a Captain in the South Carolina militia in Colonel Anderson’s Regiment and Sarah Hodges before the Commencement of the War of the Revolution and knows that they were married in the course of the year following after deponent was married namely in the year 1786 – prior to the Birth of deponent’s eldest child in September 1786. s/ Thomas Moor




USS Constitution July 4, 2012

The modern arms of Russia were instated by a presidential decree in 1993, and then by a federal law signed by President Vladimir Putin on December 20, 2000.











Rosamond Press

The Rose Wolf vs. The Night Wolves





For those who follow this blog, they know I have gathered a force of wolves to fight the Battle of Armageddon. I predicted this battle will take place in cyberspace. A week ago after blogging about a Russian spy, my computer was hacked. For an hour it was being controlled by an invader.

How many came to believe I am mad, when I declared I was God’s Warrior-Prophet who will lead the risen House of Wolfing into the great battle for THE WORD OF GOD?

Putin is moving his “Night Wolves” on his chessboard he believes God gave him. But I am God’s because I took the vow of the Nazarite twenty-five years ago. I am wearing the Armor of God. Bring forth your champion, your giant wolf, and I will lay him low.


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