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I discovered Germanna three days after Thanksgiving.

John Presco

“One week after the Constitutional Convention approved a document on September 17, 1787, the Pennsylvania Assembly ordered 3,000 versions printed in English and 1,500 printed in German, and the documents distributed to the public. At the time, about 37 percent of Pennsylvania’s population was German in origin. The authors stated that Michael Billmeyer was hired to print the German-language version, but the translator wasn’t named.”

Looking at two little-known versions of our Constitution – National Constitution Center

Germannawas aGermansettlement in theColony of Virginia, settled in two waves, first in 1714 and then in 1717. Virginia Lieutenant GovernorAlexander Spotswoodencouraged the immigration by advertising inGermanyforminersto move to Virginia and establish a mining industry in the colony.

First army experience[edit]

TheWar of Spanish Successionbroke out in 1701. The main…

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