The Trumpire Is Against Nato

Trump is guilty of war crimes and treason! Note the date of this post.

Rosamond Press

Here is my prophetic post on the German Rose of California.


Trump’s election may have long term global consequences

People have not yet seriously begun to think through the consequences of Trump’s election for global politics. In some parts of the world, it is creating great opportunities. States whose interests clash with the United States may now have opportunities to win gains while the United States, the global hegemon, is distracted with its internal crises. In other parts of the world, allies are likely to recalibrate their behavior, and in particular their dependence on the United States. They will not want their security to entirely rely on a country that can elect a president as erratic as Trump is and hence will start to hedge their bets. If the current U.S. administration has decided that it no longer needs to rely on allies as much as in the past, those…

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