I Have Engaged The Enemy

I made contact with a Russian Military Facebook group last night.


I am the only Republican Candidate for Governor who has taken on Russia – our enemy! I am the only James Bond author to take on Russian -directly! I am the only member of a Priory de Sion and Knight Templar group – TO ENGAGE A REAL ENEMY! Dan Brown took my Rose Line – and made millions.

Here is a image that depicts Putin as a Russian James Bond. Ian Fleming is my kin via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor – a real actor! This is the Second Cold War – and so far I have lived through both of them. Shame on the Oregon newspapers for not covering my run for the roses. Their cowardice will be in my book. Where are my Velvety Anarchist Women? Perhaps they boarded The Witch Flight for Mother Goddess Russia? I left a message in my James Bond group, too.

The last we heard of Starfish was she was trying to catch a flight to………?

John Presco

Greg Presco shared a link.

Just now  · 

For the first time in literary history a Bond author has engaged the enemy in real propaganda warfare. My kin, Ian Fleming, served his country and would not be happy to be rendered a money-maker for just a few.

Greg Presco

I am kin to Ian Fleming. I am using this image of a Russian model for my James Bond book. She is the bodyguard of a British spy.

No photo description available.
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A Russian jet that has captured the imagination of  skywatchers everywhere has now landed in Washington, D.C. Politico reporter Daniel Lippman was the first to report the plane is in the United States to pick up Russian spies that are being kicked out of the country.

The plane— an Ilyushin Il-96 — took off from St. Petersburg in Russia and as you can see from the flight path posted on FlightAware has now landed at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

Professor John von Bond | Rosamond Press

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It’s Moscow time baby 🤙🇷🇺

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  • Billy WillThat the best of the day Russian scared all the would they are all making noise just at the same spot 😂😂😂😂

Habs Habs



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Honourable Thor Jok

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We are ready to help Russia”

🇸🇸🇸🇸🇸🇸South Sudan

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© Provided by PeopleRodin Eckenroth/Getty

Sean Penn is back home after being in the thick of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Academy Award winner, 61, recalled the “startling” experience of crossing the border from Ukraine to Poland earlier this week as he appeared Friday on Anderson Cooper 360°.

“We had the luxury of being able to abandon a rented vehicle on the side of the road. This was a startling thing to me; it was mostly women and children, some in groups and some just a mother and her child, in almost all of those cars,” he explained. “In some cases, the father was dropping them off and returning, because we know that from 18 to 60, men are not to leave, they’re to stay in the resistance against Russia.”

  • Trump was speaking at an RNC donor retreat in New Orleans, per The Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey.
  • Trump said that Kim Jong Un’s advisers “cower” and ‘sit at attention” when he talks, according to a recording.
  • The former president joked that he wants his people to “act like that” too.

Former President Donald Trump spoke glowingly about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un at an RNC retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana, according to a recording obtained by The Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey.

Dawsey, in a tweet, said Trump told donors that Kim’s advisers were “sitting at attention” when he talked and “cowered” when he spoke to them. Trump added that one general “stood up so fast,” per Dawsey’s tweet.

“I want my people to act like that,” Trump joked, according to Dawsey.

The former president also referred to Kim as “seriously tough” and “absolutely the leader of that country,” per the tweet.

During the speech to top Republican donors, Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt said Trump once again teased a 2024 presidential bid and described Rep. Adam Schiff as a “watermelon head.”

He also pushed back on Vice President Mike Pence’s implication that he is an “apologist” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.


In the past two weeks, Trump has praised Putin, who ordered a deadly invasion of Ukraine, as “smart” and initially described his strategy in Ukraine as “wonderful” and “genius.” 

According to Isenstadt, Trump told donors, “Somebody called me a Putin apologist the other day…There’s no one who’s ever been tougher on Russia than me.”

Insider reached out to Trump’s team for comment on Sunday morning but did not immediately receive a response.

Professor John von Bond

Posted on July 28, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

When Miriam beheld the people climbing the stairs to the Jordon Schnitzer Museum, she let go of Victoria’s hand, skipped across the grass, and bounded up the steps – four at a time! Her entrance was like Nureyev flying across the stage. She was an escapee from Botticelli’s Primavera. People gasped! They thought she was part of a show. She was the star ballerina and the Constantine Christian Nudist Camp where she was homeschooled. This was her first encounter with an institution of higher learning.

Espying a group of people before a painting down the hall, she was upon them in seven giant steps. Her long arms reached in, and pushed them aside. There was some complaints. But, when they turned to see a goddess with roses in her hair, and with eyes the color of the sea, they parted as she zeroed in.

Everyone’s mouths were now open, like hers was open. They were seeing this painting for the first time through Myriam’s eyes. She came closer. Her long neck was craned, as she made a figure eight with her head. Now she turned sideways, and starting in the lower left corner she moved her eye across the image, slowly, till she reached the up left corner. Bending down again, she moved even closer, and ran her right eye along the work. People were astonished with her. It was a magnificent ballet. Her long arms moved her hands just above the surface as if she was taking the painting in through some kind of osmosis.

“Oh my God! There is a Möbius circle in here – and PI! How did he do this? First he is the self, then he is the audience. He goes into a total intuitive state, does a loop over, then dips down into the subconscious. Now he is walking on the dark side of the moon. There is no hope for his return. His work is surrendered to a higher power who ingnites a spark of divine inspiration! Alas, he bursts forth in The finishing!………It is Finns!

Myriam turns to face her audience. Her blue-green eyes fill with a look of astonishment.

“He is……Co-Creator!”

Around twelve people – burst out in applause!

“How wonderful!”

“I never realized this before!”

“What beauty!”

“She is – so right!”

Like a panther, she left this work and stalked off looking for another. The people moved in a fill the void. They soaked up the energy Myriam left behind. Their eyes had been opened.

Victoria watched her amazing friend, her head was above the rest, as she gazed around from the top of the mountain she had just climbed.

“Come Starfish. We are late!”

Moving into a large room, they got their first look at Mr. von Bond. There was a long leather seat with six people sitting before their Master. Myraim crept up on the seat, pushed two people aside, then sat smack dab in the middle, up front, not but fifteen feet of the old wizard that reminded Myriam of the Russian Saint Nicholas. John was going to give her something valuable – for free! She dared not move lest she be disqualified, deprived of this blessing.

John, was completely unnerved. He had to blink several times, because it was like looking at a photograph, a still life, a breathing portrait, that did not move an inch! This beautiful creature had roses in her hair. She was so completely, so utterly, receptive. And, she was more than wide awake. There was an awaking going on inside her. John von Bond, felt like a work of art. He was, her masterpiece. She, had found him.

Painting “Division of the Roses”

Objects | Interesting | Map

The Vítkovci were among the oldest members of Czech nobility. The first information about them dates from the 12th century, mentioning Vítek of Prčice in 1134. In 1165 he was the senior waiter to King Vladislav I. In 1173 he was the Envoy of the same king to the court of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. In 1179 he fought in the battle of Loděnice between the “peasant duke” Soběslav II and another member of the Přemyslovci, Bedřich. Soběslav won the battle, but had to resign because of quarrels with the nobility, and subsequently Bedřich ruled the country. By this time, Witigo was probably a wealthy man and fought for him. In 1184 he became the Count of Prácheň and it is very likely that he used this as the reason to break through to the southern parts of the country that were owned exclusively by Czech dukes.

Český Krumlov Castle, picture Division of the Roses, Antonín Streer, 1742

According to legend, Witigo had five sons. He divided his land between them and they founded new castles and estates such as Krumlov, Rožmberk, Jindřichův Hradec, Třeboň – Landštejn, Stráž nad Nežárkou and Sezimovo Ústí. This old legend is depicted in the picture in the Telč Castle and also its copies in Krumlov and Jindřichův Hradec. These show us how Witigo divided the coats of arms, each with a different coloured five-petalled rose, among his sons. The oldest, Jindřich, is given the golden rose on a blue background and is leaving for Jindřichův Hradec. Vítek z Klokot has a silver rose on a red background on his banner and goes to Třeboň. The ancestor of the Lords of Stráž departs with a blue rose on a golden background. Sezima, who was illegitimate, is also leaving for Ústí and carries a banner with a black rose on a golden background. Rožmberk and Krumlov are to be ruled by Vítek with a red rose on a white background.

The pictures, however, depict only a legend and are not very accurate. The castles painted there were actually founded much later in the 13th century, for example Stráž, around 1276. The other inaccuracy is that the Krumlov Witigonen was split in the next generation into two separate clans. They were already separated by Witigo\’s sons Vítek II referred to as the elder, who started the Krumlov Witigonen, and his younger brother, also called Vítek, who started the Rosenberg Witigonen. The third mistake is heraldic. The Krumlov Witigonen had a green rose in their coat of arms, not a red one, as the picture shows. The historical truth is, that Witigo had five sons :

Jindřich – the founder of Jindřichův Hradec Castle – a golden rose on a blue background
Vítek II Elder – first of the Krumlov Witigonen – a green rose on a silver background
Vítek III Younger – first of the Rosenbergs – a red rose on a silver background
Vítek IV first of the Lords of Třeboň and Landštejn – a silver rose on a red background
Sezima – a black rose on a golden background.

Sometimes are lords of Stráž and lords of Sezimovo Ústí being associated into just one family branch of lords of Stráž and Ústí with symbol of blue or black rose at golden field.

In addition to these rich Witigonen, there were also younger Witigonen in Middle Bohemia. The Lords of Úpice and others are examples of this, but they never reached the historical importance of their richer relatives.

This legend arising from this historical event, is painted on the picture “Division of the Roses”, which can be seen in the No. 1 Guided Tour of Český Krumlov Castle.

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