Northwood Church Bans Lesbian Choir

Demand Pope Francis admonish the Racist Christian Culture Fighters and help stop their propaganda campaign against the Vice President of the United States. Demand evangelicals take that target off Kamala’s back. Demand a investigation to see if Russian trolls are helping Americans author this evil.

Rosamond Press

Why do I suspect the Hafners go to Northwood Church that I have been inside of several times. I video-taped Inspirational Sounds here, where they practice. To my utter disgust, the Lesbian Choir, Soromundi – was banned from performing here. I wanted to blog on it, but, Marilyn asked me not to due to the controversy. This was a major detour, because God wanted me to report on this in Royal Rosamond Press.

Jesus was very controversial. Everywhere he went, and everytine he opened his mouth, a controversy arose. One of the biggest controversies was over Jesus healing the boy blind at birth. I wondered why the Pharisees were harping on the term “blind at birth”. There were two opposing sects of the Pharisees whom I studied at the Libraries in Jewish texts that Christians avoid, and – THERE IT WAS LIKE A BURST OF LIGHT! I was blind, but…

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