“Everything is fucked!”

Everything is fucked,” a source close to Putin’s administration told the outlet.”

Kremlin officials say they didn’t know Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine, and were shocked by the severity of Western sanctions imposed over it

I awoke early and read the headline of this article, but did not finish it. That nuclear plant was captured by a Christian Mad Man. Putin did not tell the Kremlin what he was going to do because he knew they would try to stop him. Think about that. Think about the five trillion dollars spent on the Cold War and Nuclear Deterrent, and, THE BILLION DOLLARS SPENT TO KILL HIPPIE – which they failed to do, because…..I am the last Hippie Standing. Do you expect me to go in his war room, and talk that mad man out it?

John Presco

P.S. I just posted this on Ken Babb’s facebook. Ken might be at death’s door. I have been critical of Babbs for creating a Fake Hippie Headquarters’ – WITH HIPPIE VATICAN – devoid of prophets.

“Come unto – us! Buy my book!”

“There was a call to censor me several days ago after I posted on the attempt to blow the nuclear reactor in Sydney. I am not a Sunday Hippie. I knew the makers of LSD whose motive was to find a way to avoid nuclear annulation. My unnamed friend worked with Tim Scully at the Livermore Lab – while in high school. Stop trying to censor me in order to maintain some illusionary Hippie Status Quo.”

EXTRA! Madman Putin takes nuclear plant. Imagine if Al-Queda took Three Mile Island. They defeated Russia in Afghanistan.


Key U.S. provider of Internet to Russia plans to cut service there, citing ‘unprovoked invasion of Ukraine,’ sources say (msn.com)

  • Kremlin officials told the Russian outlet Agency they didn’t know Putin was going to invade Ukraine.
  • The people said the Kremlin only prepared for smaller sanctions over its recognition of Luhansk and Donetsk.
  • “Everything is fucked,” a source close to Putin’s administration told Agency.

Kremlin officials say they didn’t know Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine, and were shocked by the severity of Western sanctions imposed over it, the independent Russian investigative outlet Agency

One unnamed senior official said people in the Kremlin “did not know” that it would be an all-out invasion and that many were shocked when news of the military assault broke, the outlet said. 

In the run-up to the invasion, Putin’s cabinet had only prepared to deal with Western sanctions introduced over Russia’s decision to recognize the independence of the Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Donetsk on February 21, not for an invasion, a source close to Putin’s administration told Agency.

After Russia invaded, countries including the US and UK, as well as the EU sanctioned Russian entities and individuals, seizing assets belonging to those closest to Putin, and ejecting Russian banks from the SWIFT global financial system.

The Kremlin is particularly concerned by its ousting from SWIFT, the freezing of Russian foreign reserves, including by the US, and the exit of a string of Western companies from Russia, Agency reported.

“Everything is fucked,” a source close to Putin’s administration told the outlet.

Before the invasion, one of the officials told Agency, Kremlin officials held several meetings about sanctions and that stress tests were conducted on large companies in case Russia was disconnected from SWIFT.

An official went on to tell Agency that Kremlin officials cannot resign from their posts because it would be seen as a betrayal. “You can only quit to prison,” they said.

The report comes as Western officials warned that Putin was so furious about the sanctions that he may target civilian targets in Ukraine to “set an example,” The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entered its ninth day on Friday. Russian forces seized its first major city, the port city of Kherson, on Wednesday, and continued to subject the cities of Mariupol and Kyiv to heavy shelling. 

Russian forces seized the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on Friday morning, Ukrainian officials said. It is Europe’s largest nuclear plant.

  • Two cargo ships were hit by explosions near Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian Navy has accused the Russian Navy of using civilian vessels as a “human shield.”
  • The NATO Shipping Center has warned of a “high risk of collateral damage” in the Black Sea.

Two cargo ships were hit by explosives off the coast of Ukraine on Thursday.

The Ukrainian Navy has accused the Russian Black Sea Fleet of using civilian vessels — including the Estonian-owned ship, the MV Helt, — as a “human shield” to obscure the movements of the Russian navy, according to a report from The New York Times.  The MV Helt sank on Thursday following an explosion.

The Ukrainian Navy said that the Russians had threatened to fire on the MV Helt if it did not enter the war zone and compared the Russian’s actions to “21st-century piracy,” The Times and The Jerusalem Post reported.

Maritime Bulletin reported that the tactic could help Russian ships evade radar detection. As of Thursday morning, the ship’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) had not been damaged and MarineTraffic recorded the ship just over a dozen nautical miles off the port of Odessa.

Igor Ilves, the managing director of the Vista Shipping Agency, told Reuters that two crew members were in a life raft at sea and four more had yet to be accounted for. He added that the vessel may have struck a mine. Vista Shipping Agency did not respond to a request for comment from Insider.

“It’s a big problem — nobody can help them,” Ilves told Reuters. “The Ukrainians cannot go to sea because it is under Russian control.”

The ship was not the first civilian vessel to be impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The MV Helt sank just hours after a Bangladeshi vessel, the Banglar Samriddhi, was hit by a missile or bomb at a port in Olvia, according to Bloomberg. The publication reported that the unidentified missile killed an engineer on board. 

The ship had been stranded at the port with 29 crew members following the Russian invasion, Bloomberg reported. Pijush Dutta, executive director of Bangladesh Shipping Corp, told the news outlet that “it was not clear which side fired the missile.”

Since, videos have appeared on social media, showing Banglar Samriddhi crew members asking for help.

“We have no power supply. Emergency generator power supply is running. We are on the verge of death. We have not been rescued yet. Please save us,” a crewmember said, according to Reuter’s retelling of a video.

Ukraine’s largest port has been closed since Russia launched its attack on Thursday. The NATO Shipping Center has warned that there is “a high risk of collateral damage on civilian shipping in the northwestern part of the Black Sea,” including cyberattacks and mines.

Russia’s invasion has heavily impacted cargo ships that traverse the Black Sea — a key route for oil and bulk food exports. Since Thursday, several ships have been fired upon or detained. Many shipping companies have rerouted their vessels as a result. 

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