The Freedom From Religious Lies Act

Our President will try to unite our Nation.

We need a UN study of world leaders, and elected leaders, becoming addicted to religion. If you got real problems with growing old, best not invade another country to prove God is on your side, and, you are a virile Stud Muffin For Jesus. Putin and Trump decided to be Work-out Buddies and play ball with Jesus together – with disastrous results! I think Trump put Putin in touch with his mortality when HE LOST a fair election – something this dictator fears!

Rosamond Press

Secular Radicals founded the Republican Party. If I am elected the Governor of Oregon, I will establish a panel in order to determine if there should be a State Law forbidding any religion, any religious group, or any religious person, from telling falsehoods that endanger themselves – and all Oregonians. Let us title this Bill – THE JIM JONES BILL – after Reverend Jim Jones who employed lies to take religious hostages, and who ordered the murder of Congressman Ryan and members of the press.

Leo Ryan – Wikipedia

I believe my ancestor, John Wilson, was responsible for several Bill of Rights because he oppressed Ann Hutcherson and the Antinomians. He took away their guns and outlawed their regions practice. My ancestor, Gottschalk Roozemondt, defended the Great Erasmus, but was forced to persecute Protestants by the Spanish Inquisition. These are religious people oppressing religious people. There exist no evidence of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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