World Wide War Stage

“All life is a stage!”

Go fuck yourself,’ Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island tell Russian ship before being killed.”

‘Go fuck yourself,’ Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island tell Russian ship before being killed – POLITICO

Zelensky is an actor, and he has been speaking in platitudes. So has Putin and Trump – who are World Wide Terrorists! Putin just threatened the West with nuclear weapons for making “agressive statements”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Whatever you say – BIG BROTHER! I have no regrets making my spies – LESBIAN LOVERS! In your face – YOU AGRESSIVE FUCKER!

‘The President in Exile’, Donald Trump, delivered a clever speech at CPAC, that I suspect was written at the Bob Jones Think Tank of Aggressive End Time Diatribe. Don King puts the blame on Putin’s murderous aggression on the REAL president, while still saying Putin is smart. Don K. does not wish Zelensky – all the best against his buddy – like all the leaders of NATO have. He says he will not announce he is running for president because – HE IS STILL THE PRESIDENT! HAHAHAHAHA! How aggressive is that – YOU STUPID FUCK! This is Civil War talk in any country – at any time! Of course he can not announce he is a candidate in front of fellow Republicans who are at war with the Democrats – who stole a Democratic Election! Come nuke us – ASSBITES!

I highly suggest my fellow Republicans be very careful about their rhetoric platitudes. I don’t like to be THREATENED WITH NUCLEAR ANNIHATION! I believe President Biden, and the FBI should arrest everyone who employs Putin’s Nuclear Threat – to get their religious and political way!

Zelensky accuses Putin of targeting Citizens – which he denies! He is only threatening the Citizens of Britian and the Czech-Republic – if the don’t do what he says, and make the war go – HIS WAY!

The Papacy has their own Think Tank – with archives – that are full of nuclear threats from THE GODLESS SOVIET UNION. Francis met with a Russian Diplomat. Did he say…”Your are supposed to be a Christian Nation – and no longer Godless – AND HEARTLESS! You morons can’t even follow your own script! Jeez!”



I believe Pope Francis understands……THIS IS CHRISTIAN TERRORISM – AS PLANNED! I suspect Trump made plans to invade the Ukraine – while Trump was STILL PRESIDENT! Did Trump take he and Putin’s War Room – packed in boxes – to his Florida Lair?

It is astounding that Putin set the War Stage, and when he does not like how his play is doing……HE THREATENS TO NUKE THE AUDINENCE! I am going to write Peter Defazio and ask h launch an investigation into Don King’s blame game. Trump THE ACTOR – IS an agent FOR PUTIN.

John Presco ‘Candidate For Governor of Oregon’

“Former President Donald J. Trump repeated familiar boasts and grievances in a keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

Mr. Trump repeatedly invoked the lie that the 2020 election was “rigged” and mounted exaggerated attacks on President Biden. Even as he condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an “atrocity” and praised the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, as a “brave man,” he repeated his misleading claim that the Obama administration had merely provided Ukraine with “blankets.”

At CPAC, Trump Misleads About Biden, a Russian Pipeline and Gas Prices – The New York Times (

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday put Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces on high alert.
  • Putin said the decision was sparked by the sanctions placed by western nations.
  • He also blamed “senior officials of leading NATO countries” for “aggressive statements.” 

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday ordered Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces to be on alert amid his ongoing attack on Ukraine

Putin blamed the move on statements from member nations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and on statements from western nations.

“Dear colleagues, as you see, Western countries are not only taking hostile actions toward our country in the economic sphere—I am talking about the illegitimate sanctions everybody knows about,” Putin said to his top advisors.

“But more importantly, senior officials of leading NATO countries make aggressive statements against our country. That is why I order the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff to put the deterrent forces of the Russian army in a special regime of duty,” he added.

The move means the Russian president has ordered the country’s nuclear weapons to be prepared for the increased possibility of launch, The Washington Post reported.

The Russian government previously said there would be harsh retaliation for any nation that intervened on Ukraine’s behalf, threatening a “strong” and a “painful” response from Moscow to sanctions meant to impede Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Turkey, overseeing passage to Black Sea, calls Russian invasion ‘war’ (

Turkey, overseeing passage to Black Sea, calls Russian invasion ‘war’ (

Germany to Boost Military Spending in Latest Historic Shift (

Nordic countries prepare to shut airspace to Russian planes (

Sweden, Finland and Denmark said they were preparing to close their airspace to Russian planes on Sunday, joining a string of European countries taking this measure after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Canada Looks for Ways to Pull Plug on Russian State Television (

Russian agent who infiltrated the NRA says Ukraine shouldn’t hand out rifles in case a child gets hurt (

Antiwar rally draws at least 100,000 in Berlin (


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