Scottland and House of Hohenzollern

Will you stand – with your people?

Rosamond Press

I watched an hour of CNN’s series on Princess Diana ‘England’s Rose’ and wondered why the Spencer family was being – USED – in a covert chess game Harry Windsor appears to be aware of. Why was Ireland neutral in World War Two? Why did American troops -fight in their stead? Why did Scottish Nationalits try to forge a Nazi Alliance?

I might be kin to Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow looks like Woodwose. Wilson did the United States wrong by getting us into World War One, that was a royal family dispute that resembles the Thirty Years War that included Elizabeth Stewart marrying Frederick of the Palantine. This union begat King George who sent his royal army, and Hussars, to the New World to put down a rebellion that was fought by the Scott-Irish who have had a Free Scotland in mind. Harry descends from King Malcome.

My claim to the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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