Manson ‘Trumpy Bear’ Go Helter Skelter

I beg Quenton Tarantino to make one last movie titled ‘Trumpy Bear’ based upon this great article about Gino Bisignano waking up in Hollywood and getting ready to go to the White House and “STOP THE STEAL!”

‘Trump’s coming back’: Jan. 6 rioter regrets plea deal, is sorry she got in trouble (

“In her chat with supporters, Bisignano said she didn’t know why she did what she did, but that the pro-Trump mob was fueled by “very righteous anger.” Bisignano claimed in the recording that police at the U.S. Capitol “attacked” the mob of Trump supporters. She claimed that police actions — after the mob broke through barricades and gave a female U.S. Capitol Police officer a concussion — “riled everybody up.” And she suggested that the apology she gave to a judge during her guilty plea wasn’t exactly full-hearted.”

Margarette Qually has got to play Gino Bisignano, even if she is younger. Cheyene represents many Trump Lovers – when they were young – too young to be a ‘Manson Lover’, but, here’s a Cult blessed with the seal of the President of the United States – and the Cross of Jesus! Yeehaw! What can go wrong? This is the Cult of a Lifetime! Get on board little children! I lived in LA and this scene should go into our National Archives. Quenton – NAILED IT!

In this movie I want to show contrasting scenes of Black Folks watching on T.V, what would have happened if President Obama did what Trump and his Holy Cuddlers had done.

Washington D.C. “Look momma, a hundred black truckers blocked Pennsylvania Avernue! Are those tanks?

Watts. “Look Mamma, Barack is calling for a new Civil War featuring Second Amendment Sharpshooters! Is that a Apache helicopter?”

Detroit: “Look Momma! Barack is waving around TOP SECRET documents he took when he left office. He is saying he doesn’t have to give them back! Who are those Men In Black?”

Chicago; “I don’t get it Momma. I thought the Democrats WON, and its the Republicans who are trying to steal the election!”

Momma: “You don’t understand. In America there are TWO REALITIES. Watch the movie ‘Being There’ and see how it really is. The black maid is the only one who knows the truth!”

I want to throw in shades of the Repo Man as Trumpy Bear ends up driving a Cadillac around Hollywood with his presidential papers in the trunk and backseat. He picks up Gino and they head to the Spahn Ranch where other cult followers have gathered. Someone has made a big batch of Kool-Aid spiked with LSD.

John Presco

Copyright 2022

‘Trump’s coming back’: Jan. 6 rioter regrets plea deal, is sorry she got in trouble (

Manson: The Women’: Former Followers Recall Leader’s Manipulation – The Hollywood Reporter

WASHINGTON — A Beverly Hills cosmetologist who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in support of the man she calls “Trumpy Bear,” recently told fellow supporters that she only pleaded guilty “to stay out of jail,” that she didn’t read the plea deal she signed, and that she doesn’t think Capitol defendants will get locked away for a long time because former President Donald Trump is “coming back.”

Gina Bisignano is a Trump supporter who wore a Louis Vuitton sweater as she used a bullhorn to call for “strong, angry patriots” in the mob to help fight police at the Capitol. “We the people are not going to take it anymore!” Bisignano said on the bullhorn. “You are not going to take away our Trumpy Bear! You are not going to take away our votes!”

When the group grew beyond 20 individuals, they settled at the Spahn Ranch, run by rancher George Spahn, who allowed them to stay there so long as the women worked for their board. The women describe their isolation, not only from non-Manson Family members, but also from information; the ranch was without electricity, books and calendars. They began taking frequent LSD trips with Manson, wherein he would describe the coming “revolution” that they should prepare for. “For a long time, Charlie talked about more esoteric kind of things. But after a while, he started talking about the fact that there was going to be a ‘revolution,’” Share recalled. “As time went on, he talked about it more and more, and he was just saying that it was going to start.”

Charlie Manson and Donald Trump

Posted on June 28, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Both Trump and Manson wanted to start a Race War. This is no exaggeration. Trump needs to be LOCKED UP! HE IS A LUNATIC – who instigated several religious cults. Consider David Koresh, who was a David, also.

John Presco

Bender’s book writes of several instances where Milley opposed Trump’s plans for reacting to the protests. The book claims that Trump several times called for protesters to be shot and said US troops should “crack their skulls.”

The Lord Hath Chosen … Donald Trump? – The French Press (

Stop weaponizing the Bible for Trump: No politician is a Cyrus, David or Caesar – The Washington Post

A look at issues surrounding Trump and presidential records (

‘Trump’s coming back’: Jan. 6 rioter regrets plea deal, is sorry she got in trouble (

Bisignano in the recording called Judge Carl Nichols “a nice judge,” and said that she hoped he’d look favorably upon her cooperation. But she encouraged another Jan. 6 defendant on the call not to take a plea deal, and indicated she had regrets about her own plea.

“If you don’t have to do it, if you could hold it out, don’t do it. I wish I didn’t. Just wait it out, wait it out,” she said. “I wish that I was stronger, because I was so weak when I signed it.”

“If I could do it again,” Bisignano said of signing a plea deal, “I wouldn’t.”

However, when asked by NBC News about her statements, Bisignano said that she did not regret her plea.

“I didn’t say I regret the plea deal,” Bisignano said in an interview. “I think people should take plea deals … own up to what you did, and move forward.”

That’s much different from what she said in the call with supporters.

“I was forced to do a plea deal because I was so damn scared for my life, and I don’t even know what I signed, because I couldn’t even get myself out of bed,” she told fellow Trump supporters. “I’m signing this to stay out of jail,” she said she told her lawyer, who she said she paid $80,000.

“They corner you into a plea deal,” she said. “I can’t spend any more money on an attorney, I can’t go back to prison.”

The plea deal also required Bisignano’s cooperation. That’s how Bisignano found herself testifying before a grand jury about Danny Rodriguez, another rioter from California, who attacked a D.C. Metro police officer with a stun gun.

One thing that Bisignano was insistent about in the voice chat with supporters of Jan. 6 defendants is that she would never turn on her favorite president.

“I’m not squealing on anybody, I don’t blame the president,” she said. “It wasn’t the president’s fault at all.”

Bisignano, video shows, was among the first group of rioters to enter the tunnel on the west side of the Capitol, where some of the most brutal battles took place. Despite being a part of the mob that overran the police line, she insisted that it was officers who were in the wrong first.

“The cops attacked us. I was the first one there in the tunnel, you guys,” she said on the supporter call. But judges and prosecutors, she claimed, “don’t care that somebody bear maced me in the face, they don’t care a cop hit me with a club, it didn’t matter. Their thing is, we weren’t supposed to be there.”

The FBI has arrested more than 725 people in connection with the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol attack, and hundreds more arrests are in the works. The total number of individuals who could be charged for either unlawfully entering the Capitol or attacking officers or members of the media outside the building is more than 2,500.

A look at issues surrounding Trump and presidential records (

If a civil war breaks out in the United States, Representative Adam Kinzinger believes it won’t be reminiscent of the 19th century Civil War because it’ll take the form of “targeted assassinations” and not state against state.

Once an unthinkable theory, growing political divisions have fueled speculation that a civil war could be looming. While some see it as inevitable, others have pushed for people to resist the possibility, and Kinzinger told The View on February 10 that it’s not “too far of a bridge” to believe another civil war could happen in the United States.

However, if it does occur, he warned that it wouldn’t take the same shape as it did in 1861. Instead of the traditional form of war the Civil War took, where it was “blue against gray,” this time around, it would be “armed groups against armed groups,” according to Kinzinger.

“Targeted assassinations, violence–that’s what a 21st and 20th century civil war is,” Kinzinger said. “We’re identifying now by our race, by our ethnic group, we’re separating ourselves and we live in different realities.”

Kinzinger, a vocal critic of the GOP’s loyalty to former President Donald Trump, was censured by the GOP alongside his colleague Representative Liz Cheney. During his interview on The View, he criticized the GOP for being a “once great party” that no longer stands for principles. Instead, he said the GOP stands for “loyalty to one man” and that it makes him “sad.”

The Washington Post first reported this week that the archivist asked the Justice Department to investigate the discovery of 15 boxes of White House records recovered from Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, and that the former president had torn up records both “sensitive and mundane.”


There are several issues potentially at play, including the Presidential Records Act, which was enacted in 1978 after former President Richard Nixon wanted to destroy documents related to the Watergate scandal.

The law mandates that records made by a sitting president and White House staff be preserved in the archives. An outgoing president is responsible for turning over documents to the National Archives before leaving office. Another statute, punishable by up to three years in prison, makes it a crime to conceal or intentionally destroy government records.

But a potentially more serious issue concerns the handling of classified material. The Post also reported that some of the recovered documents were clearly marked as classified, including at the top secret level.

“I think the obvious legal issue presented is whether the removal of classified information from the White House and its transport and storage at Mar-a-Lago — a place unauthorized to keep classified information — was a violation of law, and if so whether it merits criminal prosecution,” said David Laufman, who as the former head of the Justice Department’s counterintelligence section was involved in the 2016 investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


There are multiple statutes governing classified information, including a law that makes it a crime punishable by up to five years in prison to mishandle such records either intentionally or in a grossly negligent manner.

Though that statute does permit prosecutors to charge an individual for negligence, Justice Department prosecutions over the last century have focused on what former FBI Director James Comey in 2016 described as a “clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information,” indications of disloyalty to the United States or the exposure of vast quantities of classified information. Comey made the statement in announcing the FBI would not recommend charging Clinton.

In other words, the mere misuse of classified information does not necessarily form the basis of a prosecution.


It’s hardly unheard of for senior government officials to find themselves entangled in classified information investigation.

Perhaps the most notable one in recent memory involved the federal probe into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified material through a private email server she used as secretary of state in the Obama administration.

The FBI ultimately concluded that 110 emails in 52 email chains contained classified information at the time they were sent and received, but decided against charges because officials concluded that she had not intended to break the law.

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