I Declare Republicanism a Terrorist Group

I did my best to steer my party away from The Abyss!

Rosamond Press

Four days ago I cast my first ballot as a Republican. I only voted for two candidates, a radical racist, and a normal guy.


On this day, May 15, 2018, I declare the old Republican Party – DEAD! On this day, I accuse the Evangelical Republican Party of being – A TERRORIST ORGINIZATION – for taking part in the wholesale murder of un-armed Palestinians. This slaughter took place while the false Messiah, President Donald Trump, showed off his military might in Jerusalem, knowing this would cause un-armed peoples to defend their land, and their religious beliefs. The Republican Party, is now a religious organization, that has many weapons of mass destruction at its disposal, and, has used these weapons – TO TERRORIZE – millions of people.

I will now collect my evidence, and present it to my Congressman and State Senators. I will also submit my case to…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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