Die Alte Roseville Garage

I Artist

Chapter Four – The Old Roseville Garage

For over a year I have talked about getting funding, or, getting Hollywood, to make a propaganda movie in order to – WARN THE PEOPLE! With this warning from a Candian named Homer, perhaps I can hit on the Canadian Government, and, The Queen, to make a “What if?” movie.

“Under the less-optimistic scenarios, the risks to our country in their cumulative effect could easily be existential, far greater than any in our federation’s history. What happens, for instance, if high-profile political refugees fleeing persecution arrive in our country and the US regime demands them back. Do we comply?”

US could be under rightwing dictator by 2030, Canadian professor warns (msn.com)

WHAT IF?……..Nazi Germany won the war, and, Canada held out?

Chapter….The Fall of Roseville

When the Panzer tanks rolled into Roseville, they headed for the Southern Pacific railyard where Good Ol’ Joe Wislon was coupling freight cars destined for Chicago. When a Tiger pulled on the rails and pointed it big eighty-eight at Joes head. Joe – who had killed Germans in World War One – thought about opening the throttle, but, he would be toast in a second. Engineer Joe, held up his hands as he walked towards Colonel Waltzerwitz.

In months Old Joe is showing Nazi propaganda movies in the alley outside his Good Ol Garage where the neighbors gathered in the summer, and had a Bar-B-Que. Two months later, he is asked to put on a Nazi uniform and start hauling American Traitors back on American soil. Canada, had fallen. However, there was a resistance of American and Canadian Mountain Men – that would never surrender. Joe had a good idea the Americans he carried in box cars, were going to be executed.

To Be Continued.

I just found this photo of me where I tower over Joe and Mark. I am a giant. No wonder Victor told all our kin I was not his son, but, the product of Rosemary’s – betrayal! I told a friend one theory I owned about my hitting my head against the wall…My brains are bigger! My head is bigger! I got Stuttmeister genes, and they have way bigger heads! My brain was – severely cramped – and needed more room. Did Grandpa Joe believe Rosemary fucked this big giant guy while Vic was delivering chips for Granny Goose? Is this why Joe hated Liberals?

We had a Huck Finn, Sawyer life with Joe, camping in Gold Country and swimming in the Russian River. I connect with the movie ‘The Invasion of The Bodysnatchers’. It was out by the garage, in a cabana chair that I rendered my infamous mind-altering painting that blew Grandma’s mind. I was twelve. My family would never be the same! I became a Sapper…..A Saboteur!


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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