The Full English Breakfast

While I slept, my Angel showed me THE NAME!…….RAMATAMAR! Why weren’t the priests of Israel into astrology, like the Three Wise Men? What’s the first sing of the Zodiac? Here is…….RAM! There are two RAM at end of the THE NAME. Remove them, and you have…..ATA! You have two Avatars and……THE NEHUSHTAN! ATA= ADAM!


The Ancient Greeks (

Nehushtan – Wikipedia

According to the Book of Kings, King Hezekiah institutes an iconoclastic reform that requires the destruction of “the brazen serpent that Moses had made; for unto those days the children of Israel did burn incense to it; and it was called Nehushtan”.

Lent 4-Numbers 21:4-9 | theoutwardquest (

He got rid of the local fertility shrines, smashed the phallic stone monuments, and cut down the sex-and-religion Asherah groves. As a final stroke he pulverized the ancient bronze serpent that Moses had made; at that time the Israelites had taken up the practice of sacrificing to it–they had even dignified it with a name, Nehushtan (The Old Serpent).”

Timna (

Rosamond Press

When I wrote a sketch about Victoria and Miriam having breakfast, I enjoyed every second of my muse-inspired session. Then, I heaved a great sigh, because, no one would get it. Why would any James Bond freak get a kick out this scene. Fleming would love it. And so would Dael Kingsmill, who I did not know existed till yesterday.

For years I dropped acid with two brothers who were British subjects. They taught me there is always something going on, after all, Britain had a empire to maintain. Nothing was mundane. Lord Neilson had tea before he sank ships.

While our Super Spies are enjoying their morning meal, they are discussing ‘The Rose Atom’ which played a big part at the G7, because it sat Putin on the bench, lest there be mention of THE NUCLEAR ACCIDENT! This post is pure prophecy!

However this did not prevent our NATIONAL…

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