Directly Funding and Financing Beauty

“My dad was really good about making sure we were cultured, making sure we were educated, and not just showing us like the glitz and glam, like hotel hopping, five-star places,” she said, adding that she remembers growing up “kind of everywhere.”

Paris Jackson

For a couple of weeks I have been thinking about a new way to ensure Beauty is not neglected in the new Cold War, where billions will be spent on ugly destruction, thus creating ugly fear. Making others afraid – is ugly! Then there is the COVID that has taken us out of public places where we are – seen!

I have been watching Tik Tok for several months, and I see these very beautiful young women suggesting you give them roses that have a dollar value. Two days ago an extremely beautiful German flashed request for a 1000 pounds. She asked her admirers to press the fund button. This is very similar to how my sister ‘Rosamond’ became rich and famous. Christine’s prints of BEAUTIFUL women were sold in decorative retail stores. For $50 dollars you can BUY INTO BEAUTY – even own Beauty! The cosmetic industry works the same way, and is a trillion dollar business. How much does the average woman spend on Beauty Products? Many owners of a Rosamond believed the VALUE of their images would increase in a monetary manner.

Now, consider the building of beautiful churches all over Christendom so as to promote BEAUTIFUL JESUS who is allegedly born of a young and beautiful virgin so Jesus – will be that more BEAUTIFUL! We’re talking about flawless and supernatural beauty like Rena Christensen owned. How many artists and sculptors did the Church hire to BEAUTIFY the churches? Has anyone added up the cost? Did the tithing by the poor pay for many portraits of Beautiful Jesus – and his beautiful family? Consider the beauty of Royal people. Did the church and ugly people contribute to upholding their divine beauty?

What I am suggesting, is the formation of DIRECT FUNDING and DIRECT FINANCING of BEAUTY by the private sector and by the U.S. Government. There should be a panel of experts who recognize and understand the dynamics of Beauty. There should be a thorough study of the probate of Christine Rosamond Benton, and see how the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck destroyed an American Beauty Icon that resulted in a Ugly Witch coming away with all the family beauty – and my offspring. Beautiful Fairytales are full of this kind of – ugly stuff – that makes for a beautiful tale.

When I met Patrice Hanson, she knew she was not beautiful and talented. When she learned my sister was beautiful, talented, and rich, she wanted to meet her, so some of Rosamond’s beauty and good fortune – would rub off on her. The scheming of this Ugly Witch and mother, needs to be documented, because she stopped using birth control for a reason. This evil creature wanted a – LIVING MASK – a living Rosamond print. I did not know I was kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. I might be the surviving member of my natal family. All members of Patrice’s family are alive.

In theory, I have a daughter and two grandchildren. I have not seen Heather and Tyler in ten years. Last year, my daughter conducted a Witchy Ritual on her business Facebook, where her newborn daughter was ritually removed from my sight, and taken into the Hanson Coven. A real Witch was employed for this UGLY SERVICE! Fairytales have paid much attention to ‘The Plight of Beauty’ and should be studied. Can you think of any classic stories where a child is stolen away? Ember will have not contact with me in order to prove Heather got all her talent and beauty from her mother, but, contact with me, spoiled her beauty and ruined her chances to be rich and famous. Another child will be sacrificed, put in the oven of the Ugly Witch to make another Soulless Cookie Girl.

Paris Jackson gives much credit to my cousin for teaching her and Michael about culture and beauty. Michael took up art because of Liz – and her family – who were art dealers. Michael was a collector. He also came to own most of the Beatle song list. The movie ‘Across The Universe’ may be the first movie to explore the idea of Beauty in the so called Hippie Movement, that I have re-branded. I title myself a Windrite. We were, and are, and will always be…..THE WINDRITES! We deserve to be funded.

Back to that German Beauty who is in shock that she was given $750 dollars in fifteen minutes. She takes a break and when she is on again you hear a male micromanaging her. The funding dries up. She has a clue why, and wants to tell her lover to – be quiet! But, he got threatened. If this giving keeps up, then she won’t need him anymore. He has to prove – he is responsible for her good fortune. It was his idea to go on Tik Tok, and, he wants us to know it. Well….fuckin him! He is exploiting Beauty. Who wants to contribute to that!

I asked my daughter what her ambition in life was. She said;

“To become rich and famous so I can pay my mother back!”

I knew all about the Stage Mother. You can say the Queen is a Stage Mother, and, Ministers and Priests – are Stage Fathers! They want a cut, a guaranteed – TAX ON BEAUTY! Time to go back to Eden!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Meet The World’s Royal Teens – Mabel + Moxie (

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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