Royal Rose Of The World 2

Chapter Two – California Royalty


Vincent Rosamond Rice

I could tell Seyburne Zorthian sensed I was Californian Royalty, and thus she wanted to go with Nancy and I to meet my mother. Nancy had been to our home on San Sebastian one time, and up in the boys room Bill encouraged us to kiss. We were twelve, and I never kissed a girl before. Bill was very involved in Kathy Moline, but this did not detour Nancy from loving our friend – to death. The three of us looked at the idea Nancy and I would be lovers, she perhaps losing my virginity in that abandoned house on Athol that overlooked Lake Merritt? Such is the brilliance of the erotic light that outshines the light that lit our childhood days

Right away Rosemary has noticed Seyburne is rendering erotic landscapes around me, and surprised me by knowing who her parents were. Ten minutes after we got out of the car on Glendon, Rosemary is whispering in my ear.

“Marry her. She comes from money. You should be supported!”

How do you know, I wanted to ask, but, did the math. My mother spent many evenings up at the Beverly Hills Hotel, partying with that famous crowd. Had she met Jiryl Zorthian, the famous party animal at the Altadena ranch? Did this erotic artist see one of Rosemary’s infamous porno movies that she made for Big Bones Remmer – who knew all the Mafia guys? I was staying in Betty’s home. I dropped acid there, with her three children. Toby and I had this psychedelic gunfight that had everyone in stitches. I was liked, even adored.

Nancy and her family moved to Pasadena where she befriend Barry Zorthian, who became my friend Keith’s lover at the Idol Hands commune in San Francisco, where I brought the Royal Brass Lantern. Bill, Nancy, myself, and Angel played at being Beatniks. Angel took ballet lessons in SF, and hung out at the City Lights Bookstore. She was the thirteen year old mascot of the Ferlinghetti crowd. Angel wore black, and was the next generation. She was extremely mature for her age. We loved her Barret. She would give birth to Bill’s baby. She offered to fuck me so I would not lag behind. But, her boyfriend Tony showed up that almost fateful night. They got married. I was thirteen. We could not count our close encounters that would have made us fully adult. We could not wait to enact – our better way! We founded our coffee shop where we smoked pipes and talked about Beah Writers and their books. I was assigned Neil Cassidy’s identity. Then I was George Sterling to Bill’s London.

And so it went, as I followed the brilliance of my best friend, who was six foot three, blonde with blues eyes, and a IQ of 180. Bill was an Adonis, and he knew he was doomed due to the jealousy of others. Bill was Royalty of another kind. He went where no one could go. He lost his virginity to his French maid in Paris when he was eleven, When Bill went to jail for over a year. He shut Nancy and I out of his life. Something had gone terribly wrong, and his promise to alleyway tell us the truth, was a promise broken, Bill’s favorite book and movie was ‘Of Mice And Men’.

When speed came the Height Ashbury, it came to the Idol Hands, first. There was no greater tragedy. I fled the small maids room I lived in near the huge boiler in the basement. I left my belongings behind. I had gone to visit Brian Purvis in Oakland. I meant to go back. But Barry showed me the shooting kit her lover hid under their bed, and in tears, asked me to intervene.

This is the winter of 66. We buried Hippie on October, 6, 1967. I lost the brass lantern. I left it behind. A light had gone out that many still talk about. I saw it go. Goodbye my dear fantastic friends1


‘Elders7 Gather To Proclaim End Of Era


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DEATH OF HIPPIES Hippy ‘Elders 7 Gather To Proclaim End Of Era

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) Elders of San Francisco’s hippie community gathered today atop Buena Vista Hill to proclaim “the death of he hippie” with pomp and dramatics. As dawn brightened the splendid view, they ceremoniously complained that their famed Haight-Ashbury district has gone wrong. ‘ Then they moved down Haight Street, cleaning up trash, common since the summer invasion of tourists and thrill-seekers. Outside of some hippie shops, closed for the three-day funeral observance, were scrubbed with flourishes. Skirl) emblems tvere placed on windows. Later, a solemn funeral procession circled the district symbolically purging it of evil. Hippies were asked to drop things meaningful to them, feuch as their beads, in a huge coffin.

The only trouble is that the performance was some sort of a “put-on,” typical of the irreverent youth. Not all hip-pie-oriented shops closed and not all hippies participated. As the “day of death” plan was developed in lengthly meetings of Haight-Ashbury patriarchs, as the observance vas turned into more of a death of labels event than anything else. “We need a new image,” they said. “The hippies want to kill their world – known name, F rom death comes rebirth, they said. They now wish to be known as “free men.” Daniel Rifkin, manager of the Grateful Dead band, important in popularizing San Francisco rock music, complained that the hippie label was manufactured by mass media. He said the name was a way to lump all kinds of unconventional people “in the same bag” with drug-crazed and other nasty connotations. Further, the name is attracting too many phony hippies, said Arthur Lisch, a prime mover in the Diggers, who scrounged for food which they served free daily in Golden Gate Park.

“Many of the creative people are leaving,” he said. “At this point, the Haight-Ashbury is a box,” and estimated Unit San Francisco hippies are now operating about 20 different communes, each with more than a dozen in California. Lisch was saddened because Haight Street has been flooded with teeny hoppers, liquorswilling college students and hostility ridden motorcyclists. Violence, including murder and rape, have been on the upsurge. Relentless police raids now net 20 or 30 hippies a night on drug charges. On Monday night, the Crateful Dead’s residence, center for several hippie organizations, was busted by police and two performers were among 10 arrested because of a pound of marijuana found. The band held a news conference Thursday to state defiantly they were objects of police harrassment and that marijuana laws, “are seriously out of touch with reality.” “All we wish is to be free Americans endowed with ceratin unalienable rights among which somebody once said, are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” they said. “Is that so frightening?”

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