Donna Christ – Bank Robber

Peter Shapiro was born in Boston. His father was a professor at MIT. Pete is married to a Japanese woman, and has no children. We have an extended family. The Mel Lyman family lived on Fort Hill that was up the street from our commune in Roxbury. James Harkins and I lived there. James and his two brothers were good friends of Peter who had a Mafia mystique about him that comes from living back East, and, playing with early bands that fought the system – like the Mel Lyman Family did! I want a Guys And Dolls element in The Roof Job. Thomas Pynchon employs Charlie Manson in one of his books. Bryan MacLean knew “Crazy Charlie”. Consider the move Zabriskie Point. I’m going to have Mark and Daria come to Wilkes-Barre and ask if they can get in on The Great Roof Raising Event.


Mel Lyman’s Culture War
Posted on August 6, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press

I considered marrying Donna Christ because of her Art Conspiracy. As an artist she was for the arts always looking for free deals. She told me Canadian taxpayers loved to support the arts and artists. She would call me from Canada and tell me about the free stuff she was getting. Her rent was almost free. She never wanted for art supplies. She knew I was jealous because I was not a citizen. If we had gotten married, she would be in the family tree of Mel and Jessie Lyman whose followers robber a bank for their cause. The tax cuts in the U.S. are coming from the Evangelical Cult who disguised themselves as the Tea Party after their candidate, Sarah Palin lost. Consider her family that comes off like pioneers. I am forming ‘The Green Tea Party’ that will employ the tax on marijuana to further the causes of those who smoke, and have passed ‘The Peace pipe’. I met Paul Williams and he showed me his gun. He was guarding Fort Hill where real patriots belonging to a real religions, fought the British. ” Unlike Manson’s group, Lyman’s included many persons of accomplishment and note, such as Kweskin, therapist and actress Daria Halprin,[12] actor Mark Frechette, and pioneering rock critic Paul Williams. And although the Family was often accused of strong-arm tactics in dealing with neighbors and alternative-community groups, they certainly never killed anyone or even manifested serious homicidal intent.

However, in 1973, members of the Family, including Frechette, staged a bank robbery. One member of the Family was killed by police, and Frechette, sentenced to prison, died in a weightlifting accident in jail in 1975.[

Rosamond Press

lyman2Mel Lyam married Jessie Benton, the daughter of the artist, Thomas Hart Benton, the cousin of Garth Benton, the father of Drew Benton, the daughter of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton.

The Gooch genealogy ends thus;



ii. JESSE P. BENTON, b. Private.

I met Jessie once at the Fort Hill commune. I lived down the street two blocks in a commune I and four friends founded in 1970. We exchanged food and ideas.

With the rekindling of the Culture Wars by the Pope over sonic imaging and birth control, I must assume the War on Hippie Bohemians has been rasied from the Dead – Heads. When you add together my history with alternative societies and thinking, you can conclude I am the Big Boss Bohemian Man – the Last Hippie Man Standing!

Rosamond Press


Donna Alice Christ was my friend and roommate. When I was thrown out of Sacred Hearts with a bad case of pneumonia, I found my way to Royal Avenue Shelter. After a month I got into the SHIPS housing program, and was sent to live in a house on Kincaid. Donna also lived at Royal Avenue, and was sent to this house. We became good friends. I knew her when she robbed two banks. I caught her trying to steal my bike. She is mentally ill. I let her go – after buying her lunch!,5016223&hl=en

I heard from Donna eight years ago. She wanted me to move to Canada and marry her so I would be a Canadian citizen. I asked her if she was out early, on parole, and she changed the subject. I own a homemade card she sent me from the Fed lock-up in Texas with a…

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