Wolf Stuttmeister Comes To Belmont

My kindred founded a Nation and two colleges. They were religious leaders.


Rosamond Press

“Dr. and Mrs. Stuttmeister left Thursday morning for Santa Cruz and Monterey, where they will spend the honeymoon. On their return they will make their home in Belmont.”

When I awoke from my Old Man Nap yesterday, I wept when I saw the words I composed to my friend, Ed Howard, as to why our quest to get funding for the preservation of the History of Black Oakland – was sabotaged – by white citizens of Belmont, who loved my families White History, but hated my White Integrated History, especially my Turnverein Forty-Eighter History. I have been looking at the real possibility Rudolph Stuttmeister was a Berlin Turnverein, and he fled to the New World before the Revolution of 1948? This very wealthy family saw what was coming. Were they conservatives who took the side of the radicals? Germans were killing Germans.

Name:Rudolph Stuttmeister Arrival Date:12 Jul 1843 Age:27 Gender:M…

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