The Teutonic Rose

The Rose Amongst The Woodwose


Vincent Rosamond Rice VRR

Copyright 2019

When William Sinclair beheld the colomn of Teutonic Knights in the wedding procession of King James and Margaret of Denmark. he could not recall the shuddering that went up his spine. For months he had considered putting up a brave fight for Orkney Island against the Norse Royalty, but his advisors warned him, that the German Connection went all the way to Bavaria and Berlin. Any resistance would have led to a Holy Crusade against British Isles, and in affect, Britannia could be a German Colony.

As John Wilson set foot on the New World for the first time, he recalled the account of Sir John Thomas Wilson of these German Knights that accompanied the coronation of Dorothea, who in turn wanted a show of force for her daughter Margaret, who was shown a Lutheran Bible by the Grandmaster of the Teutonic Knights. Scottish members of James’ court, claim the descendants of John Rose were the last of the Knights Templar, who revealed a secret text to Margaret. Then, the Sinclair’s offered up a candidate, but, their claim was as preposterous as the one that the Sinclair’s discovered the New World.

All this intrigue paraded through John’s mind as he steadied his sea legs for a stroll before a armed Puritan Militia, who saw Wilson as the strong leadership they were waiting for. They knew he was descended from the House of Schwarzenberg of Bohemia, and whatever power his German roots could provide for the safety of the Colony, and its success, went all the way to Jerusalem.

To be Continued

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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