The Wilson-Rosamond Altered Lineage

My Rose of the World Tree has been sabotaged and altered. Millions of Americans want to take revenge.

John of John

Rosamond Press

Over a year ago a man who claimed he was a Wilson told me my lineage to Bohemian Royalty was wrong. He began to SEVER this line. Here is one SNIP he made on June 26, 2021. There are others. The NAME OF THE FATHER of Thomas Rosamond, has been SNIPPED! I have to take time to mend it and write a complaint. This is the real DaVinci Code. I suspect neo-Confederate, William Rozier, got one of his traitors to alter the Rosamond-Leigh line that connects me to General Robert E. Lee. Here is the original line that begins with the father of my grandfather…

William Wilson William Rosamond’s 8th. Great Grandfather | Rosamond Press

John Presco

Wilson Family of Windsor Castle | Rosamond Press

Sir John Robert Wilson II, Earl of Cuper, Burgess of Edinborough (1425–1492) • FamilySearch

When Sir John Robert Wilson II, Earl of Cuper, Burgess of…

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