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The theft of Nuclear secrets that gave Russia The Bomb, has altered the conscience of humanity that Wizards like von Neumann could not handle. Eisenhower was at a loss in regards to the Cold War. It all fell on JFK.

The German Garden | Rosamond Press

Entering The Rose Garden | Rosamond Press

The Rose of the World Garden | Rosamond Press

The Rose Garden and Cloak of Destiny | Rosamond Press

The Rose Garden of Alpenglow | Rosamond Press

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This morning I came across this article published October 13, 1985 – and saw the light.


“John F. Kennedy had his Irish Mafia, Carter his Georgia Mafia, and Reagan’s Justice Department harbours the Alameda County Connection, it headed by Attorney General Edwin Meese.”

Meese was instrumental in prosecuting Mario Savio and 700 members of the Free Speech Movement with the help of his mentor J. Frank Coakley the District Attorney of Alameda County. Frank’s daughter lived up the street from me and befriended all the Presco children. Meese was recently chosen by the Koch brothers to lead their covert war against the Democrats. Ed went to Oakland High School as did my father and his two sons. Ed worked with Erl Warren who headed the Warren Commission. Coakley backed Warren in his bid to be the President of the United States.

Here is an article that shows how the…

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