Dictator From Tong

Trump is making a comeback on the lie millions of Americans were cheated out of their birthright. This is right out of Mein Kampf. Biden’s rating are falling because Americans miss all the drama. They want Crazy Daddy back in the White House so they can feel like frightened children, not knowing what is going to happen next.

Seeing Into The Dark Future

I have owned the ability to see into the future most of my life. I have owned the ability to hypnotize myself most of my life. How are the two related? I suspect the DNA of males is backward looking, while the DNA of females is forward looking. This is because the female carries her child for nine months, and this child – is the future of DNA. The male recalls to establish territory and hunting and fishing grounds. Also, he can recognize enemies, while the woman might bond with an old enemy and have children by him. Women can change partners – on a dime – as if they never knew the old partner. They have new children. I am a male in touch with my feminine side and DNA that radiates out like a rock dropped in water. The epicenter moves along a linear line that is time and space. The Australian Aborigines call this “dream time”. One can fall into a hypnotic state while sleeping. My Old Man Naps take me into the future. Watch the movie ‘The Last Wave’.

Rosamond Press

Return To Tong

Idea For Reality Show


John Presco

Copyright 2020

It’s official…The United States has its first Dictator, and his DNA can be traced to the city of Tong on the Isle of Lewis.


Seeing that he does not stand a chance against Donald Trump, Bloomberg drops out of the race and buys a huge swath of land on the Isle of Lewis. He then puts an ad in the New York Times calling for all Nuts to come forth with their strange ideas – the stranger the better – to take part in a reverse migration to the Isle where Mary Anne MacLeod was born. Bloomberg ‘The Corrupter’ tells America about the MacLeod Curse that has destroyed the Scottish Lawmakers quest to author a true Declaration of Independence. The idea is to destroy the culture that gave us the Curse of Donald ‘The Destroyer of Western…

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