Heir of Republican Party

I am Heir to the original Republican Party that was killed by the likes of Bill Cornwall and his father who destroyed my family. The destruction of the Democratic party – and our democracy – is at hand.


Divided Democrats see slow progress on Biden’s social spending bill (msn.com)

Climate advocates who backed Sinema exasperated by blocking of Biden bill (msn.com)

Hackers broke into Donald Trump’s upcoming social media site, creating fake accounts for Trump and Steve Bannon and posting a photo of a defecating pig (msn.com)

I am the Historic and Religious Heir to the Republican Party

Posted on April 21, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

US President Donald Trump steps off Air Force One upon arrival at Palm Beach International in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 18, 2018. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

When I saw the image of Trump coming down the ramp, I saw my father, Victor William Presco – the Leo! They look like brothers. Last week I had a dream about Dead Captain Victim. I was watching T.V. when I heard;

“Let me see the remote!”

I started to hand it over to him, then, pulled it away. This was his typical trick. He does not want to see it. He wants to – OWN IT! If I hand it over, I will never touch it again.

My father was a Grand Narcissistic Son of a Bitch. Rosemary told us a dozen times he stole our dentist appointments she made for us. He stole our Christmases, our Thanksgivings, our Easters, our Report Card Days…………If it was not about him, he was not just not interested, he would go out of his way to torpedo us. This is why Barbara Bush does not want this Saboteur at her funeral. He sabotaged the career of Billy Bush. He tempted this married man, and left him holding the bag.

After voting for Bernie in my State primary, I re-registered as a Republican, so certain was I of the prophecy I made in 2011. Last night a auto-surveyor called me. After pressing the Republican button, I was asked hideous questions aimed at the base, who are bent on destroying the Democrats – for kicks!

“How do you stand on the second amendment, tax cuts, and abortion?”

I thought about Comey quitting the Republican party. Did he register as a Democrat? Comey had a sworn job to do. The Narcissistic Head of State torpedoed him, upstaged him, by bidding him to make his wife’s doubts about his fidelity – go away! Melania has no doubts. There is the Access Hollywood tape! This was a sleazy attempt to get Comey to drop to his knees, and kiss the ass of No.1.

I watched a part of Barbara’s funeral. Jeb sounded wooden as he read. The pastor followed, apologizing for miscuing the hymn. All Mr. Low Energy had to do was tell this lie;

“My mother left me strict instructions. She wants me to help the Jews build the temple on the mount! That’s it. I have no more to say!”

The Evangelical Pretorian Guard, would have rushed the pulpit, and like Claudius, made Stuttering Jeb the New Emperor of America and Jerusalem – so help me God!

I call Vic Captain Victim because he was the Biggest Victim I ever knew. He brutalized the other five members of his family, but, that’s not how he saw it. He stole our pain, our suffering, our cries for help.

Trump does not care about the Bushes, the Prescos, the Jews, the Evangelicals. He just cares about himself. This is why millions of selfish evangelicals follow him. They don’t give a rat’s ass about Jesus – too!

The Republican Party is being PUT TO REST today. The Republican Party – is dead!

I rest my case!

Jon Presco

I am the Historic and Religious Heir to the Republican Party

Posted on July 4, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press

I posted this in August of 2011 knowing some will consider me a lunatic and go after me. There can be no doubt I am true prophet who has seen the future. On this day, I cast out all those who honor the Confederate Flag, and promote
neo-Confederate ideas, from the Republican Party, from the SCV, and from the
presence of Jesus, the Abolitionist.

In particular I condemn and cast out from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, from
the Republican Party, and the Protestant Church, Denne Sweenie, who is the
embodiment of Satan. He purged from the leadership of the SCV my kin, Anthony
Hodges – who I recognize as the rightful leader!


I am the Historic and Religious Heir to the Republican Party

Posted on August 13, 2011by Royal Rosamond Press

I am the Historic and Religious Heir to the Republican Party“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of
patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”


Doctor James Oliver Rosamond was a Masonic Knight Templar. James’ grandfather
was John Hodges Rosamond, the son of Captain Samuel Rosamond who was a scout and
spy for Francis Marion `The Swamp Fox’ who is the subject of the movie `The

The bloodline of Hodge and Rosamond families are found at the base of South
Carolina’s history. The Hodge family also fought under Marion, as did the
Witherspoons. We shed our blood for Liberty. Our blood rises from the ground in
South Carolina. Our graves are still being found. A New South has risen. The Old
South is cut off, and withers away.

In 1971 I and Dottie Witherspoon went to Meher Baba’s home in Myrtle Beach South
Carolina. I asked to sit in Baba’s chair that was behind a red velvet rope. The
guide hesitated for a minute for no one has ever sat in that chair but Baba. He
unhooked the rope, and I sat down for about fifteen minutes with my eyes closed.
I am amazed at the current events that identifies South Carolina as the home of
President Obama Haters.

Meher Baba comes from an ancient linage of Parsi, or Parthians, who were the
Magi. In 1987 I went up to Portland where Baba Lovers from all over the world
gathered. I spoke at a filmed meeting. When I came home my kin offered me a
Bible. A week later I read all of Luke, and was in the light. A month later I
became the enemy of the evangelicals and the Christian-right. I have concluded
the same things that Franklin Schaeffer has concluded. His father was a
co-founder of the Christian-right that claimed the Republican Party as its party
that was divinely ordained to them, as was this Democracy. They lie!

Moderate and Secular Republicans let themselves be moved aside by the
Christian-right so that they may own a share in the powerful block of voters who
were bid to flock to this party. They considered ownership of this party, and
their silence acknowledges this party is a Religious Party. It can not be any
such thing, as it was founded by Freethinkers, Masons, and Forty-Eighters.

In his appearance on the Rachel Maddow show, Frank Schaeffer revokes the
religious permission evangelicals thought they owned to take over and control
the Republican Party. He says he has returned to the original Protestant Church
as promoted in this Democracy by the Signer, John Witherspoon, a descendant of
John Knox. Dottie Witherspoon is kin to Knox, and in 1972 became a member of the
Lighthouse ranch that was a part of the Jesus Movement.

On this day I declare that I am a Patriotic Heir to the Spiritual and Religious
Revolution that found a home in South Carolina that became corrupted when
citizens of this State, along with the Sephardic Jews, engaged in Slavery, and
in the shipping of black slaves to this state.

On this day, I cast out all those who honor the Confederate Flag, and promote
neo-Confederate ideas, from the Republican Party, from the SCV, and from the
presence of Jesus, the Abolitionist.

In particular I condemn and cast out from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, from
the Republican Party, and the Protestant Church, Denne Sweenie, who is the
embodiment of Satan. He purged from the leadership of the SCV my kin, Anthony
Hodges – who I recognize as the rightful leader!


My Rosemont/Rosamond kin are ancient members of the Orange Order, and rode
alongside William of Orange. We were there at the very beginning of the
Reformation. We are the Burning Bush of Truth that cannot be extinguished, for
God has his finger on this Rosy family, and is forever ready to bring us back
into His Sheepcote whenever we go astray. He born me into the Rosamond family
for a profound purpous that has become manifest. I am Rosamond Go’el Redeemer. I
am the Way. I stand at the entrance of this His Sheepscote. Follow me, and be
The Nazarite

The SCV has programs at the local, state, and national levels for its members,
such as marking Confederate soldiers’ graves,

Yes, I would very much like to know where these graves were located and if there
are any other Rosamond graves there. The fact that this cemetery is overgrown
indicates it may be one of those we missed when several of my cousins and I were
touring SC cemeteries several years ago.

I suspect that Jane Westfield Rosamond was the wife of John Hodges Rosamond who
was married to a Jane or Jennie Westfield. I have her birthdate as about 1791
which would fit pretty well with the dates given here. John Hodges Rosamond was
the son of Captain Samuel Rosamond. I am very interested in locating his
gravesite and it’s possible that he was also buried here.


Since his 2004 election, Sweeney has moved to consolidate power by appointing to
key leadership positions men who have belonged to hate groups or have histories
of racism. Last year, for instance, he selected Jim Pierce of North Carolina to
develop a “new and expansive” genealogy program for the SCV.

Pierce is a well-known radical in the SCV civil war. In 2002, he circulated a
grossly racist cartoon — a huge-lipped caricature of a black woman endorsing an
anti-racist candidate for high SCV office to be her “massa” (“He sho am good foa
me”). The following year, after a rare black SCV camp commander criticized a
North Carolina SCV officer who is a Holocaust denier, Pierce angrily challenged
the critic to provide documents proving “he is truly eligible to join the SCV.”
As chief of staff, Sweeney selected Ronald Casteel, who has been a member of the
neo-secessionist League of the South (LOS), a racist hate group that opposes
interracial marriage and whose leaders have defended both segregation and
slavery (Casteel’s license plate holder reads “SCV-LOS”). Sweeney’s appointed
historian in chief is Charles Kelley Barrow, who also has been a member of the






Following the Feb. 17 court action, Commander-in-chief Hodges, in a statement
posted on the Internet, sought to assure the organization’s 30,000 to 35,000
members that the ouster was “mandatory,” and that “the GEC acted in the best
interests of the SCV.”

“Never before have we faced such an atmosphere of intimidation in the SCV, in
which members, officers and GEC members have been suspended or threatened with
suspension or expulsion for little or no reason,” Hodges wrote. “Our pride in
history has become, for a few, a faÁade masking anger, resentment and an
apparent desire to browbeat the SCV into a new direction, one with [a]
politically ideological path determined by a select few.”

Hodges listed eight allegations against Sweeney, including suspensions and
threatened suspensions of board members, conducting “harassing investigations”
against opponents on the board, and “creating and maintaining a hostile work

Hodges closed by warning members, “Be very skeptical of the shrill voices of
contentiousness.” He asked for members’ “prayers, support and patience” in the
board’s efforts “to return the SCV to an organization committed to reasonable
conduct, a precious heritage and the rule of law.”

John was in the militia in Prince Georges County, MD in the 1730s (1734-37) as a
private serving under a CPT Beall.

The note regarding ‘other members of the Rosamond family’ probably refers to
Marion Francis Rosamond and/or his children.

1740 when John was 30, he married Sarah Wilson[1], W425, F, daughter of Thomas
Willson, M & Elizabeth Dinwiddie, F, in Augusta County, Virginia. Born ca 1726
in County Antrim, Ireland. Immigrated in 1740 to Virginia. Sarah died in South
Carolina aft 1790, she was 64.Sarah Wilson arrived in the English colonies in
1740 with her sisters and her mother. Her father, Thomas Wilson, was already in
Augusta County, Virginia. She married John Rosamond in Augusta County ca. 1747,
and their family relocated to the Abbeville District of South Carolina sometime
around 1765.They had the following children: 2 i. Margaret, F (ca1745-ca1823) 3
ii. Samuel Null, M (ca1751-1814) 4 iii. James, M (ca1754-<1806) iv. Jean, R255,
F. Born ca 1743 in Augusta County, Virginia. Jean died in Abbeville County, SC
aft 1793, she was 50.Jean’s will in 1793 named her brother Samuel Rosamond and
his wife, her sister Sarah, her brother James, and sister Margaret Rosamond
Weems. Jean never married.

Samuel enlisted in the militia around 1776-77 and served as a Lieutenant under
Captain Adam Crain Jones and Colonel Robert Anderson (for whom Anderson County,
SC was named.) In 1782 he was appointed Captain and served at the Siege of
Ninety-Six and the Battle of Kettle Creek in Wilkes County, GA on Feb. 14, 1779
during the Revolutionary War. This battle enabled the revolutionists to halt the
British advance in Georgia after the capture of Savannah. According to Samuel’s
great-grandson James Oliver Rosamond, Samuel served as a scout and spy under the
direction of Colonel Francis Mariion, the “Swamp Fox”.A copy of Samuel’s will is
contained in another web page on this site at
Several women have joined the DAR based on the Revolutionary War record of Capt.
Samuel Rosamond: Mrs. Josie Dean Rosamond HILBUN (275253); Miss Nannie
SULLIVANT; Mrs. Molly Rosamond SULLIVANT; Mrs. Mary Rosamond RHYNE (251829);
Mrs. Allison Sullivant GUYTON (254893) – – – From 1965 DAR book.In Feb 1785 when
Samuel Null was 34, he married Sarah (Salley) Hodges, H322, F, daughter of
Richard Hodges, M & Elizabeth (Betty) Jones, F, in South Carolina. Born ca 1765
in South Carolina. Sarah (Salley) died in SC or MS on 24 Apr 1844, she was 79.

God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.The people
cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which iswrong will be
discontented, in proportion to the importance of the factsthey misconceive. If
they remain quiet under such misconceptions,it is lethargy, the forerunner of
death to the public liberty. …And what country can preserve its liberties, if
its rulers are notwarned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit
ofresistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right asto the
facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lostin a century or two?
The tree of liberty must be refreshed fromtime to time, with the blood of
patriots and tyrants.It is its natural manure.”

Knights Templar (Freemasonry)

The full title of this order is The United Religious, Military and Masonic
Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta.
Knights Templar is an international philanthropic Masonic order affiliated with
Freemasonry. In some countries it forms part of the York Rite, while in others
it is a separate order on its own. In the mid 1700s the Freemasons began to
incorporate symbols and traditions of the medieval Knights Templar. The original
medieval Order of Knights Templar was established after the First Crusade, and
existed from approximately 1118 to 1312. There is no known historical evidence
to link the medieval Knights Templar and Masonic Templarism, nor do the Masonic
Knights Templar organizations claim any such direct link to the original
medieval Templar organization.[1]
The Knight of Rose-Croix Degree in the “Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite”, and
honorary Orders like the Royal Order of Scotland are interpreted as evidence of
a historical Templar-Masonic connection, though there is no factual basis for
this belief.
Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh has been suggested to be strong link between the
Knights Templar and Freemasons due to reliefs combining Templar and Freemason
symbolism. Rosslyn Chapel was indeed founded by William De St Clair.[2]


And, until we move past these people, and let me add as a former life-long
Republican, until the Republican leadership has the guts to stand up and say it
would be better not to have a Republican party than to have a party that caters
to the village idiot, uh, there’s gonna be no end in sight.


The Jewish Kahal Kadosh (Congregation) Beth Elohim was formed in Charleston, South Carolina in 1749, ten years after a lodge of the “Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons” was organized under John Hammerton its first Master. It is no coincidence that both of these events happened in Charleston at such an early date. The 1669 “Fundamental Constitution” for the British Colony of Carolina” was written by the English philosopher John Locke. He added in guarantees of societal and religious freedom which soon made the colony (and particularly its main port Charleston, est. 1670) a haven for persecuted worshippers such as Hugenots from France and Sephardic Jews fleeing from Portugal and Brazil. The port of Charleston was also linked by ties of citizenship and commerce to the British West Indies, where the European-evolved Masonic Rite of Perfection (later Scottish Rite Freemasonry) was first introduced to the New World by Stephen Morin (at Kingston and San Domingo, 1761).

The new Perfectionist (later Scottish Rite) lodges were next set up in French America (at New Orleans, 1763) and in the American British Colonies (at Albany, 1767 and Philadelphia, 1782). Finally, this new order of Freemasonry was instituted at Charleston, South Carolina in 1783. Many of the Charleston Lodge members were Jews and/or continental Europeans. In 1786 Frederick the Great of Prussia issued “Grand Constitutions” which brought “The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite” into formal existence. From that date the Charleston Lodge, with its many Jewish members, can rightly be labeled “Ecossais” — what English-speakers termed the “Scottish Rite.” The growing predominance of the Charleston Lodge was made evident on May 31, 1801, when eleven of its members met in that city to establish (under the authority of high Mason Colonel John Mitchell and the Episcopal Rev. Fredrick Dalcho) The Supreme Council of the 33d Degree [Scottish Rite] for the United States of America. This Charleston “Supreme Council” became the parent body which issued warrants for the establishment of Scottish Rite Lodges and Councils throughout the United States and Canada. All such Masonic bodies derived their authority either directly or indirectly from this original “Supreme Council,” located in what is now the Masonic “Southern Jurisdiction” of the USA.

Of the Eleven “brothers” meeting in Charleston in 1801 to found the “Supreme Council,” nearly half were Sephardic Jews. Chief among these members of the Charleston Congregation Beth Elohim was Abraham Alexander, who served as its volunteer lay minister from 1785 to 1805. In those days ordained European rabbis did not live permanently in North America (where many Jewish emigrants had fallen away from strict Orthodox practices). Alexander, as the chief religious official at Beth Elohim, served as its spiritual leader, interpreted the religious law, performed marriages and funerals, and functioned much like an ordained rabbi. The other three Beth Elohim Jews who helped establish the Scottish Rite “Supreme Council” in Charleston were Israel De Lieben, Emanuel De La Motta, and Moses Clava Levy. Levy was a relative by marriage to the extensive Sephardic Seixas family of New York and South Carolina. Gershom Mendes Seixas, the patriarch of that family was the “hazzan” of the Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City. Seixas was functionally the first Jewish “rabbi” in America.

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