Longevity & Zardoz vs. Healthcare Affordability

Posted this in July of 2017.

“McEachron, a graduate of Harvard Law School, was one of the lawyers who successfully defended the Buck Trust’s provision to keep its funds in Marin. As a legacy of that legal battle, the Buck Institute is guaranteed to receive about 15 percent of the trust’s yearly net income, which in 2015 amounted to $5.7 million.

Rosamond Press

I found God today. He’s the guy who could not get a date in High School – or College!


I also found the future headquarters of the Gideon Institute and the Revised Order of the Poor Knights of Christ. That rusty Quonset hut is perfect for folks who actually care about poor people, which Beryl Buck did. She never dreamed her Foundation would be host to egghead elitist parasites with 20 degrees – and nowhere to roost! God came out of the Egypt with 634,567 poor homeless people. It is said The Chosen People found a new home, but, this is still in litigation.

I am a poor high school dropout who knows a con-job when he sees one.  The Buck Institute On Aging joined forces with Gladstone, to offer – longer life! Not eternal life, just a life that lasts longer – in a secular scientific fashion. Thank God for…

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